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In This Month's Edition

In This Edition January: Goals, Intentions, and Resolutions are all words we think of as one year ends and another begins.  Each of us approaches January 1st in a different way, but the one thing we all have in common is that once that first day ends it is gone to us forever.   Time is the only thing we cannot put aside for another day or wait to use.  Whether we live each day with purpose or on autopilot, each is unique and time matters. To be cliché, “that is why this moment is called the present”.

   Recognizing that, the enormity of our mission means that our days at Home Hospice Association cannot be lived on autopilot.  We must make the most of each day, and we do so by thinking about those who are sitting in the doctor’s office.  In the time it has taken you to read this paragraph, someone will have received those words that we never want to receive.

  In this edition of The Journey Journals you are going to learn about the goals we have achieved and those we are working on.  With great resolve we release this intention to the universe:  may we all benefit from our greatest good and feel gratitude for the challenges and the gifts that grace our days.

Great Things are Happening!

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