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In This Edition January: Goals, Intentions, and Resolutions are all words we think of as one year ends and another begins.  Each of us approaches January 1st in a different way, but the one thing we all have in common is that once that first day ends it is gone to us forever.   Time is the only thing we cannot put aside for another day or wait to use.  Whether we live each day with purpose or on autopilot, each is unique and time matters. To be cliché, “that is why this moment is called the present”.

   Recognizing that, the enormity of our mission means that our days at Home Hospice Association cannot be lived on autopilot.  We must make the most of each day, and we do so by thinking about those who are sitting in the doctor’s office.  In the time it has taken you to read this paragraph, someone will have received those words that we never want to receive.

  In this edition of The Journey Journals you are going to learn about the goals we have achieved and those we are working on.  With great resolve we release this intention to the universe:  may we all benefit from our greatest good and feel gratitude for the challenges and the gifts that grace our days.

Great Things are Happening!

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Across our communities great things have been happening including the launch of the Pregnancy, Infant Loss and the Funeral Director. Congratulations to Merri-Lee Agar, Sue Balaz and Glen Burkholder for facilitating our first events at College Boreal,  Smith Funeral Home and Dodsworth & Brown Funeral Home. 

Next Events In Your Community:


Hamilton Halton

Great Events Coming Soon

HHA National Office

February 07: Death Doula Training  Weekend

Greater Toronto Area

February 20: Downtown Toronto Death Café

National Capital Region

Great Events Coming Soon


February 25: Niagara Death Cafe


Great Events Coming Soon

And our Circle is Growing: To see what is coming up in the next few months

Visit our Current Events Page



Save The Date

October 1, 2020

Moonlit Memory Walk

Remember that they lived, not how they died

Of others begins with
care of self 
Hermes Jatczak
HHA Boar Chair
My Why:
Moonlit Memory Walk
A special thank you to
Spoke TV 
for helping to grow the 
HHA Village
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Did you know...

  • Our RVT Mentorship Program has more than quadrupled with new RVT's in the last two months, making The Bello Project more accessible in more communities.

  • The Halton Catholic School Board has endorsed CANDY Cafe, which means we are able to continue our mission to create awareness and normalize death for youth.

  • We have established our first partnership with a Hospice.  Hospice Orillia is now a proud partner offer Our Babies, Our Grief to grieving parents in their communty.

For Anyone ~ Of Any Age ~ A t  Any Time  ~  Under Any Roof

Hearts and Heads Wanted...

For The Diana Pathway Pilot Project

For our pilot project, we are looking for community members dedicated to supporting families and individuals in carrying out their legacy and wishes.


Joining the Diana Pathway Pilot Project is an incredible opportunity to provide a meaningful, compassionate, and empathetic difference within your community. 

Are you interested in developing or improving on the following skills, or do you have a personal interest and strength in these positions?

  • Project Management

  • Research and Development

  • Budgeting/Fundraising and Marketing

  • Media Relations

  • Stakeholder Relations

Joining the Diana Pathway Pilot Team will allow you to deliver essential services driven by passion and empathy!

Tracey Robertson at tracey@homehospiceassociation.com


Morgan Poirier at morgan@homehospiceassociation.com

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