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Leave it to Disney to create a love affair with a mouse in order to remind us, in the most heartwarming way, that we are all connected; we are all one.   If you have read our mission and vision statement, you may have noted our statement “culturally sensitive human connection is a hallmark of what we bring to a community”.  In this edition of The Journey Journals, we will explore and demonstrate what we mean by that statement.  Actually, for us it is more than a statement; it is a commitment.  Fulfilling that commitment begins with the awareness that when we are invited on the path of someone’s dying, we are a guest on their path.  As their guest, we are honour bound to understand what they need and how they wish to be respected.  We celebrate the cultural diversity of our Home Hospice Association “family”.

We are also excited to share with you the great progress made this month, and as we are halfway through the year 2020, some of the milestones that we have achieved so far this year.   It is our hope that you will take inspiration and think more about how you can be a welcomed guest on the path of anyone who has invited you on their journey, whether it is their journey to living or journey to dying.  The greatest respect we can offer to another is to meet them wherever they are at!​

Great Things are Still Happening
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Missing our friends both on two and four legs as we look forward to Muddy Paws 2021. Featherstone and Vineland Estates are open are open now if you are wanting to drop by and still enjoy their amazing wines!

July 10, 2020: Virtual Death Cafe with Ottawa Public Library   RSVP to info@homehospiceassociation.com 

July 14, 2020:  Virtual Death Cafe for Pet Lovers Learn more and RSVP Click Here


July 27, 2020:  Death Doula & Infant & Pregnancy Loss virtual workshop RSVP


July 29, 2020:  Grab Your Mug Event RSVP pamela@homehospiceassociation.com

Are you a Member of an HHA  Team and have an idea for a virtual event.   

Click Here to complete the Event Registration Form

Care of others begins with care of self 

Be extra gentle (with yourself) today 


Right now we may feel   powerless in our desire to care for others,  so now is the time to be extra gentle   with yourself so that when we are back "in the field" we are even more ready than we were before!

From the Pages of a Caregiver's Journal: 

A new feature with Many Faces of Compassion


Read about one person's perspective on the ups, downs, happiness and sadness that often happen simultaneously. 


About Many Faces of Compassion:


A one-day educational event aiming to provide valuable information and resources for volunteer, family and professional caregivers supporting someone with a life-threatening illness. 

Saturday October 24, 2020

St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Cambridge

Read More About the Event

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Life Doesn't Take a Holiday
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Your expertise matters: Now recruiting participants for all of the day's guest experiences. If you offer resources or solutions for caregivers we invite you to have a table display.  Perhaps you would like to host an activity room or facilitate a workshop.   Let’s work together to find a way for you to offer your expertise to our audience.

HHA Transforms Care Every Day!
Keeping You in The K-Now
CBC Radio attends our
LBGTQ2S Death Cafe

Click here to listen in

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Did you know...

  • We are launching "MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) and the Death Doula" training workshops in September

  • C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe is ready for launch and we are looking for summer day camps to partner with

  • You can support Home Hospice Association and Our Babies, Our Grief with your summer reading!  Indigo will donate a portion of purchases and we will use those funds to offset our costs for this progressive healing group - visit our  Indigo Fundraising Page

 One of the key roles that our Bello Project RVT (Registered Veterinary Technicians) Mentors assist with is to conduct in-person training and offer ongoing support for Bello Project volunteers, thus ensuring that they have been provided with the knowledge and support to confidently provide quality compassionate care for clients’ pets.  

   A volunteer training session hosted at the Burlington Humane Society was held in early March 2020 (prior to our cancellation of all live events due to COVID-19 restrictions).   Pictured are Ana and Susan, RVT Mentors for the Hamilton/Halton Chapter.   This dynamic and knowledgeable RVT Mentor team has been working with us to review, refine and document the items covered in our Bello volunteer training – we are very appreciative of their ongoing assistance and input. 

   We have also developed a Bello Project Volunteer Resource Centre which provides care, health, and behavioral information for pets (dogs, cats, and exotics), an agenda and notes for the in-person training session.  It is hoped that this will provide valuable resources to help our volunteers care for clients’ pets.

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Have you Registered for the Moonlit Memory Walk? ​ We often feel stigmatized in our grief - people may ask "When are they going to get over it?", or may say "It was only a dog" or “They were not very far along in the pregnancy."  The Moonlit Memory Walk creates a safe space for all of us to honour and acknowledge our individual and unique grief.  Within that grief we can help find purpose by seeking In Memoriam donations in the name of our loved one in order to ensure that care is there when cure is no longer possible.  This gift of care should be available for all.  By supporting the Moonlit Memory Walk, we can help pay that gift forward - especially for those who may be on our walk next year in memory of a loss that we support them through this year.

Would You Consider Sponsoring the Walk or Creating a Team for Your Business to walk in Memory of a

Visit the Moonlit Memory Walk Website

Volunteers   offer care, when cure is no longer possible
For Anyone ~ Of Any Age ~ At  Any Time  ~  Under Any Roof
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