Many Faces of Compassion 

“Walking In Each Other’s Shoes”
Join Us on December 17, 2020 
When There are No Words

An opportunity for those who have experienced different kinds of loss; judgement around loss and tragedy associated with certain losses to share, with our audience, what was helpful, what was hurtful and what we can do to be a more compassionate community when supporting others in their journey of mourning. 

Meet Your Moderator and Panelists to Date

Moderator Glen Burkholder:  Glen is a Co-Founder of HHA and a 35 year licensed Funeral Director.  Throughout his career he has seen, dealt with and supported every type of loss you can imagine.  He will be responsible for ensuring the evening is meaningful. Glen publishes a Blog called Eternity’s First Week 

Panelist Melissa Sulley: Melissa leads HHA-Hamilton Halton in care and passion through our Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program, she is also the owner of josiah+co.   

A bit more about Melissa... "After experiencing multiple pregnancy losses, I realized there was a lack of support in the community for grieving families. I began my small business, josiah+co., as a way to share my story and to encourage others to not grieve alone. I am passionate about building supportive communities for those impacted by pregnancy and infant loss." 

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Many Faces of Compassion is an educational series aiming to provide valuable information and resources for volunteer, family and professional caregivers supporting someone with a life-threatening illness. 

Compassion is what motivates us to go out of our way to help the physical, mental, or emotional pains of another and ourselves….  Do you consider yourself a compassionate person?  Would you like to learn more about how to be the most compassionate person towards others AND yourself?

Our days are busier and busier it seems. Each Many Faces of Compassion event is a time for you to “breathe” and through that sense of peace learn, practical ways to care for ourselves and others.  Will it make our days less busy?  Likely not.  It will however make us more aware of how to make time for compassion in the middle of that busy-ness.

Who is Many Faces of Compassion for: Volunteer, familial and professional caregivers will all benefit from this event. “One in four Canadians aged 15 and older (7.8 million) provided care to a family member or friend with a long-term health condition, a physical or mental disability, or problems related to aging” (Statistics Canada, 2018).  Further “over half (55%) of caregivers felt worried or anxious as a result of their caregiving responsibilities” (Statistics Canada; Portrait of Caregivers, 2012). The theme, “Walking In Each Other’s Shoes”, portrays an important message: “you are not alone”.   

Why your business's in-kind donation or sponsorship is needed:  Funding through cash sponsorships or donations for items will allow us to have a small suggested donation amount as admission instead of needing to charge the type of registration fee an event of this quality would typically need to charge.

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Your expertise matters: Now recruiting participants for our entire series. If you offer resources or solutions for caregivers we invite you to have a table display.  Perhaps you would like to host an activity room or facilitate a workshop.   Let’s work together to find a way for you to offer your expertise to our audience.  

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