Honouring dying by supporting and deepening the spiritual, emotional and physical domains of care

Hospice At Home

  • 245,000 Canadians will die of a terminal illness this year

  • 70 % wishing to die at home , will die in a hospital

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Hospice at Home, is a 24 hour model of hospice care that includes private professional care, alternative therapies, spiritual and emotional counselling and dead doula support.

A hospital death is not a death we would wish upon anyone and… 


There will never be enough money to build enough residential hospices to care for all the Canadians who do not want to die in a hospital.  “Canada needs a system that allows each patient to make the choice of where he or she will spend their last days”, says Dr. Sharon Baker who specializes in palliative care at the London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ont. Hospice at Home gives a choice that currently does not exist; a fully supported (complete with 24 hour) home hospice experience where (figuratively speaking) a mini hospice is moved into the home.


Ensuring adequate infrastructure exists, to support a family in their desire to honour their loved ones’ wishes, means building a 24 hour end of life care model for a patient who is in their last 30 to 45 days of life.

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How You Can Help

  • Vigil Volunteer: are trained in the particular needs of a person who has a likely prognosis of 3 months or less to live

  • Hospice at Home Volunteer

  • As a member of a Hospice at Home Project Planning/Working team: your expertise can help us with a project; we can add skills and valuable content to your resume 

  • Providing care to the dying and their loved one as a Death Doula is an important part of HHA

  • Palliative Support Worker

  • Help financially support our important work in the community so we can continue to provide services through HHA