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Hospice Toronto and Home Hospice Association have a shared vision of the role a certified Death Doula plays in support of a person, their family and loved ones during that person’s end of life  experiences.

Home Hospice Association leads the field in providing training for those wishing to do this important work.  The training focuses four key services of Legacy, Death Planning, The Vigil, and Grief & Bereavement.

Hospice Toronto has become a recognized leader in providing high-quality, hospice care and support for people through all phases of their life-threatening illness, and their loved ones, at no charge. 

Within the HHA Death Doula Scope of Practice and the Hospice Toronto Volunteer Policies a pilot project is being created.  The goal of this pilot project is to assist HHA Death Doula candidates in successfully completing the Practicum requirements of certification and to use this as a way to demonstrate where  a Certified Death "fits" within the current hospice and or palliative care system.

Upon completion of the Pilot Project a Case for Support will be created to establish HHA Certified Death Doulas as a Professional Member of the end of life care team and expand the practicum program to further support the HHA Death Doula Candidates. 

Together Home Hospice Association and Hospice Toronto will lead the country in movement of making Death Doulas a Recognized and Respected Member of the Professional Care Team

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