Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula FAQs

Is this just for birth professionals?

Not at all While the training was developed for anyone who is in the birthing profession we are now finding other professionals, such as Funeral Directors and Social Workers who deal with families facing this kind of loss, wishing to take this training to better support families through their loss.

Can a death doula take this training?

Yes, this journey is one of emotional support and the qualifications garnered are very in sync with the work that a Death Doula would do.

How is your course different?

This training is in person and not taught on line. It has also been developed utilizing Canadian content and most importantly it is non-denominational.

What will my designation be at the end of the training?

Upon completion of your training weekend you will be considered an Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula candidate.

What happens when my certification is complete?

You will have a one-on-one conversation with one of our three facilitators. He, or she, will answer any final questions and introduce how you will be featured on the Home Hospice Association website as a supportive member of your community.