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Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Scholarship Application

Home Hospice Association’s Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula (IPLD) Certificate Program equips communities all over Canada with trained professionals able to assist people during one of the most painful times of their lives. The program covers preconception loss due to early and late miscarriage, medical and elective termination, prematurity, stillbirth and neonatal death, as well as the grief and other emotions that individuals and families experience during perinatal loss.

Thanks to the generous donations of those who recognize the need for this type of support and are committed to championing change, we are able to offer IPLD Scholarships to Certificate Program Candidates who are committed to building the Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program in their community.

Awarded scholarships cover the full tuition costs of the Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Certificate Program. Successful applicants will gain access to the skills, knowledge and perspectives needed to support, encourage and empower grieving individuals and their families. 

HHA's Goal in Providing IPLD Scholarships


To have trained Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doulas able to provide care in:

  • Hospital Birthing Units

  • Women’s Shelters

  • Women’s Prisons

  • Community Prenatal Centres

  • Midwifery Clinics

  • Family Health Teams

Selection Criteria

  • Passion for community service

  • Willingness to grow care specific to pregnancy and infant loss

  • Knowledge of the current care available in your community

  • Interest or experience in leadership

  • Rural and/or marginalized communities will be given priority

As a scholarship recipient who successfully completes the IPLD Certificate Program, you will become a leader in your community by representing HHA's Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program wherever you call  home.

Representation may include:


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