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“Do, or do not. There is no try."   - Yoda


"Through my friend Joanne Arcari I came to learn about the great work the HHA is doing and the passion of its team members. We talked about the HHA's Bello Project and it inspired me to want to take my palliative training and holistic experience and combine them to be of service to people and their pets in a whole new, meaningful way."


Karen has two wonderful Shih Tzus who are the loves of her life and her inspiration for working with, and for, animals. Karen is a Reiki Master/Teacher, certified Reflexologist, Transformative Emotional Release Work Therapist and Palliative Care provider. In addition, Karen is a Workshop Facilitator and Public Speaker.

Using holistic & energy therapies, meditation, visualization and intuitive spiritual guidance Karen draws on all her holistic skills and abilities to bring about healing and peace of mind for people and their pets in every stage of their life's journey.


Karen was host of “Shine Your Light Radio, on Blogtalk Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/karenharkness and was a contributor to the former Master Heart Magazine as their pet columnist. http://masterheartmagazine.com/collaborators/Harkness_Karen/


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