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HHA 2018 Changemaker of the Year Nominee:

Kim Hutten

Written and Submitted by Terri-Viola Wilson

When you know first-hand what it’s like to have someone reach out for help with her animals because she has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, you know how important it is to have people who will step up and say, “I would like to help you.” That is exactly why Kim Hutton gives her volunteer time to Home     Hospice Association. As a Registered Vet Technician, Kim has seen the need for HHA’s Bello Project. She has not only sought to do her part, but has engaged her colleagues to get involved as well.


Kim tells the story about a friend of hers who, having few friends, little family to care for her, and living in a rural setting, was at a loss when she was diagnosed with cancer. “Being an animal lover and caregiver, her animals were her world. To give them away would have been like giving up on survival,” Kim explains. Her friend’s animals were all rescues. She had adopted them so they could live out their days knowing compassionate care and love. She needed their companionship to continue to struggle for her life. But from where would that help come? This was a big challenge. When Kim heard about HHA’s Bello pr