Lee-Anne Mosselman-Clarke ~  Member Hamilton Halton

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”-

John Lennon

Knowing since a very young age that she wanted to work with the focus of helping people, Lee-Anne has worked in the social work, palliative care and home care field. She has two beautiful sons, who are her heart and soul. They enjoy country living, in a small village in Haldimand-Norfolk. Oliver is 7 years old and always keeping her on her toes, both from being very active and having some health challenges, requiring her to always be thinking outside of the box. Sawyer is 5 years old and both sweet as sugar and salty as the sea. He is the one that keeps her “chill” and goes with the flow, whether it’s through his own health challenges, or through everyday life. Lee-Anne loves to travel (both alone and with her family) and is always finding a way to plan “where’s next”! She is often found camping in the summer, or exploring the beaches and parks with her kids in both the summer and fall. You’ll find her creating something new in the kitchen, in the spring and winter, either cooking or baking for friends and family.


Lee-Anne is currently training as a Postpartum Doula and is a certified Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doula, which is where her journey with Home Hospice Association started. She has been a part of the HHA family since June 2016. With a passion for dignity in life and death and past experience in Palliative care, it felt natural for her to further train as an IPLD. She is very thankful for her journey and training with HHA, as there is a strong need in her community for Infant and Pregnancy Loss support.


Lee-Anne looks forward to bringing Our Babies, Our Grief to her community, in hopes that more families can feel supported in their grief, as well as connect with others around them who are experiencing similar circumstances. As she spent more time training in postpartum mood disorders and journeying with families through loss, she knew that she wanted to be a part of the board with HHA. Her passion for HHA’s programs surrounding death and dying, is something that she advocates for others in her life and those in her community to learn about and hopefully take part in or know that they can utilize themselves. Being a part of the HHA team, is like being a part of a family who understands and has a passion for “whole” life- dignity from the beginning, to the end of life

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