The Many Faces of Compassion Symposium

Circle Your Calendar; Plan to attend the

2nd Annual Many Faces of Compassion

September 29, 2018

Our Time Together will begin at 10:00 am 

Event Host Venue: 

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

810 King Street East, Cambridge ON

Great Workshops ~ Fabulous Speakers ~ Moving Entertainment ~ Lunch at Our Baked Potato Bar ~ A Death Cafe with all the Goodies that go along with it ~ Prizes 

Compassion is what motivates us to go out of our way to help the physical, mental, or emotional pains of another and ourselves….  Do you consider yourself a compassionate person?  Would you like to learn more about how to be the most compassionate person towards others AND yourself?

10:30 am Zentangle:  Join Barb Robbins, a certified Zentangle® Instructor as we learn and experience this easy to learn technique that will calm  our busy minds.  Those attending Many Faces of Compassion will hear Barb's journey to healing after the death of her only son and will create their own Zentangle® piece. 

11:30 am A Totally Free, Life-Changing and Trans-formative Experience…Volunteering! Doing something for others and expressing gratitude along the way is a wonderful gift you can not only give that other person but a gift you can give yourself.   Learn about the health and healing power of volunteerism.   Whether you have a couple of hours or an entire day; whether or not you think your special skills are well...special,  the value of every gift of time and talent you can gift to others is immeasurable.  The sense of accomplishment you receive in return just makes it even more worthwhile!

12: 15 pm Death Cafe:  We have been successfully running Death Cafes for an entire year now!  Back by popular demand is our next event.  What is a Death Cafe?  A chance, in a comfortable ~ compassionate environment to come together and discuss our thoughts, feelings, fears and perspective(s) about dying a death Oh and eat really yummy treats.


1:30 pm When There are No Words:  Have you ever found yourself wondering what you could possibly say to some who has suffered a loss or heard the words we all hope never to hear?  While everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time, the one thing we all share is the need to know others care.   In this session you will gain ideas on how to show compassion to others along life’s toughest journeys.


2:15 pm The Threshold Choir: We sing in three part harmony, a cappella in a hushed lullaby voice to those who are in palliative care.  At Many Faces of Compassion we will be highlighting our songs of support, gratitude, nurture, grace, love and peace.   

2:45 pm Death Doulas ~ Bringing Dying Back Home: Death Doulas play an important role in supporting someone’s decision to die in whatever place they call home.  A relatively new movement in Canada, these professionally trained Compassionate Caregivers help both the person dying and their loved ones to make the most out of their remaining time together. Find out how.

3:15 pm It takes a Village:  Just as it takes a village to raise a child, that village is equally important to support each other at the end of our lives.  While we have a certain expectation that our health care system may be able to provide all the support we need, there is no question our system needs our help. In this session we are going to discuss the state of palliative care in our country and how we can work together to ensure compassion is available to anyone diagnosed with a life limiting or terminal illness.  Find out how the Home Hospice village makes sure no one walks the journey alone.

Our days are busier and busier it seems.  The Many Faces of Compassion is a day for you to “breathe” and through that sense of peace learn practical ways to care for ourselves and others.  Will it make our days less busy?  Likely not.  It will however make us more aware of how to make time for compassion in the middle of that busy-ness.

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