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Marketing Team

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Our Goal: Those who have a creative energy, who are on top of current marketing and social media trends, who are great communicators or who are extremely well organized and project oriented will be outstanding members of the Marketing Team.  This group, meeting every five weeks on a Tuesday evening, focus specifically on making Home Hospice Association a “household name” while ensuring that each community has the power to raise awareness to the work they do.

Choosing a Project

You are the best person to undertake a marketing project if you count as your personal and professional skill set (or are absolutely committed to developing these skills! ~ As Stephen Covey says in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; “hire for attitude; train for skill.

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Analytical mindset

  • Outstanding problem-solving skills

  • Fantastic time management skills

  • The ability to multi-task

  • Graphically creative or oriented


HHA has built a project based approach to our marketing (brand awareness).  There are two projects that those interested in growing their marketing experience has a chance to chose between the two.

Channel Coordinators:  Channel Coordinators are focused on building their knowledge and expertise in one specific avenue (channel) of marketing.  As a subject matter expert you will build the overall marketing plan “strong” with your chosen channel.  As a Channel Coordinator you will work specifically one of the following marketing channels:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

  • Direct Marketing through CRM (Customer Relations Management)

  • Graphic Design & Coordination

  • Web Development

  • Public Relations

  • Media Sponsorship

  • Video Production

  • Newsletter & Blog (Story Telling)

Campaign Managers:  Campaign Managers are focused on building their knowledge and expertise in one specific marketing need to meet HHA’s overall goals to build funds and awareness in support of our long term sustainability.   As a Campaign Manager you will work specifically on one of HHA’s projects to ensure all the right tactics result in a success (maximizing funds and awareness):

  • Professional Development Training

  • Compassionate Caregiving Online Training

  • Moonlit Memory Walk

  • Pawcasso’s Studio

  • Death Cafes

  • Third Party Events

  • Pilot Projects

  • CANDY Cafes

  • Infant & Pregnancy Loss Scholarship

  • Key Note Presentations

  • Many Faces of Compassion

Team Objectives

Under This Team’s Leadership

  1. Building and Maintaining the Website

  2. Death Cafes

Primary Collaborator 

  1. Capital Campaign

  2. Chapter Engagement

  3. Professional Development Training

  4. Volunteer Recruitment

  5. Newsletter

  6. Key Note Presentations

  7. IPLD Workshops

  8. Blog

  9. CANDY Café

  10. Supporting National Board of Directors


  1. Compassionate Caregiving Online Training

  2. Leadership Recruitment Chapters and Boards