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Are we a team or are we a family?  This question stopped our Home Hospice Association Board members in their tracks at our Board strategic retreat last June.       It was fascinating to discover different peoples’ definitions of both of these terms. Why was this question important you might ask?  Who we are to each other is an important part of understanding our culture as an organization.  An “ah-ha moment” happened when we began to discuss the words “care” and “suffering”.  Understanding that at the core of what we do and who we want to be, are the caregivers who desire to help end the suffering so often experienced when faced with our own dying or the dying and death of someone who we love, meant the “label” did not matter…we simply need to remember.  I look forward to sharing how we live and who we are each day in this edition of the Journey Journals.  

     The care of others begins with care of self.  For Home Hospice Association, the term “self” means each one of us who share our mission and are on our shared journey.  We accept and value each other as members of a family that we have been “born into because of our passion”, and, like a team, we respect each other’s humanness and contribution to our shared mission.  It’s the perfect combination that results in us living our mission every day, while remembering how important care is, especially when a cure is no longer possible.

Great Things are Still Happening

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For Our Babies Our Grief
For Our Babies Our Grief

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We are grateful and honoured to be able to companion grieving parents by offering "Our Babies, Our Grief" progressive healing group sessions in our Chapters.  Virtual healing groups are being established starting June 1.  Learn More and Find Help Today

During this time when in person activities and events are cancelled in order to keep people safe, we are looking at innovative ways to continue our work and stay in touch with those in our communities.   

Virtual Death Cafes:  Thanks to our partnership with Ottawa Public Library we have been hosting Virtual Death Cafes every three weeks. Our first event certainly drew the circle of death conversation wider as we welcomed participants from Oregon, Colorado and even Mexico.   Our events will be continuing through the summer as part of their Wellness Friday virtual events.  Our next date is June 5, 2020.  Feel free to RSVP to  It would be amazing to have you join us!

Are you a Member of an HHA  Team and have an idea for a virtual event.   

Click Here to complete the Event Registration Form

Care of others begins with care of self 

Be extra gentle (with yourself) today 


Right now we may feel   powerless in our desire to care for others,  so now is the time to be extra gentle   with yourself so that when we are back "in the field" we are even more ready than we were before!

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Many Faces of Compassion is a one-day educational event aiming to provide valuable information and resources for volunteer, family and professional caregivers supporting someone with a life-threatening illness. 

Saturday October 24, 2020

St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Cambridge

Your expertise matters: Now recruiting participants for all of the day's guest experiences. If you offer resources or solutions for caregivers we invite you to have a table display.  Perhaps you would like to host an activity room or facilitate a workshop.   Let’s work together to find a way for you to offer your expertise to our audience.

Read More About the Event

HHA Transforms Care Every Day!
Keeping You in The K-Now
HHA Team Members Merri-Lee Agar, Kayla Moryoussef & Tracey Robertson
were part of the
The Final Taboo 
episode on Zoomer Television
Did You Know:     ​Each member of the HHA Team has a reason, an inspiration that makes them ideally suited for the work they do... A Why.  

Terri Viola-Wilson's "why" for C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe (Creating Awareness and Normalizng Death for Youth) began long before she was part of HHA.  As a matter of fact...


"It was a beautiful spring day. I was in front of my Grade Five class, talking about one of my favourite teams, the Toronto Blue Jays. We were all excited because the team was doing well and we started to talk about who had been to what was “Sky Dome” at the time..." Read More 


...Yesterday ~ Today ~ Tomorrow


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It was May 2014 and a few days after Bello died.  The idea of cooking just did not seem terribly appetizing -  really, eating did not seem terribly appetizing, but home came a pizza and the creative process began.  Just like many great businesses have their beginning on a paper napkin, Home Hospice Association’s logo got its beginning on the lid of that pizza box. While the design went through a few revisions, the one thing that did not was the four colours that we used. 


Green – Colour of growth and rebirth

Burgundy – International colour of hospice

Purple – International colour of mourning

Mustard – Symbolizing the strength and power of something that may appear so small


TODAY you can register for the Moonlit Memory Walk and be part of our biggest fundraising event of the year:

We often feel stigmatized in our grief - people may ask "When are they going to get over it?", or may say "It was only a dog" or “They were not very far along in the pregnancy."  The Moonlit Memory Walk creates a safe space for all of us to honour and acknowledge our individual and unique grief.  Within that grief we can help find purpose by seeking In Memoriam donations in the name of our loved one in order to ensure that care is there when cure is no longer possible.  This gift of care should be available for all.  By supporting the Moonlit Memory Walk, we can help pay that gift forward - especially for those who may be on our walk next year in memory of a loss that we support them through this year.

Within that grief we can help find purpose by seeking In Memoriam donations in the name of our loved one in order to ensure that care is there when cure is no longer possible.   


The money raised at the Moonlit Memory Walk allows us to meet the great need to support those who are dying with care, compassion and culturally sensitive human connection.  We have been able to walk the journey to death with individuals and their loved ones thanks to the growing number of Death Doulas and Compassionate Caregivers in our communities.  Making a hospice bed "wherever someone lays their head" supports those who are dying in some of the most lonely places, including wards in our hospitals.  Considering that 47% of our dying do not survive discharge from hospital to be able to go home to die, growing our ability to care for those dying in hospital is a significant accomplishment.​


Visit the

Moonlit Memory Walk Website


Glen is waiting patiently for you! 


Consider waking up tomorrow morning and deciding to join our Creative Team!  If you have an interest in graphic design, video production or story telling,  Home Hospice Association’s growing Marketing Department would welcome your help.

Click Here for more information and join us today!

Volunteers   offer care, when cure is no longer possible
For Anyone ~ Of Any Age ~ At  Any Time  ~  Under Any Roof
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