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Are we a team or are we a family?  This question stopped our Home Hospice Association Board members in their tracks at our Board strategic retreat last June.       It was fascinating to discover different peoples’ definitions of both of these terms. Why was this question important you might ask?  Who we are to each other is an important part of understanding our culture as an organization.  An “ah-ha moment” happened when we began to discuss the words “care” and “suffering”.  Understanding that at the core of what we do and who we want to be, are the caregivers who desire to help end the suffering so often experienced when faced with our own dying or the dying and death of someone who we love, meant the “label” did not matter…we simply need to remember.  I look forward to sharing how we live and who we are each day in this edition of the Journey Journals.  

     The care of others begins with care of self.  For Home Hospice Association, the term “self” means each one of us who share our mission and are on our shared journey.  We accept and value each other as members of a family that we have been “born into because of our passion”, and, like a team, we respect each other’s humanness and contribution to our shared mission.  It’s the perfect combination that results in us living our mission every day, wh