Merri-Lee Culbert ~ Member National Board;  Member Niagara Region Board 

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“It is when our hearts are stirred that we become most aware of what they contain.” – Andy Stanley

It was journeying with her Mum in her last weeks of life that first ignited Merri-Lee’s passion for hospice palliative care.  Honoring her wish to die in the comfort and familiarity of her own home surrounded by loved ones, and witnessing the peace that brought to her Mum, helped immensely with Merri-Lee’s grief, and her family’s, as a whole. 


The beauty of that experience continued to resonate with her so much that Merri-Lee realized it was her calling. She began volunteering with hospice, meeting with palliative clients in community and then, certain that this would be her life’s work, Merri-Lee pursued education in end of life care, grief and bereavement and spiritual care. 


Merri-Lee is a Death Doula, Bereavement Specialist and Reiki Master/Teacher and has a holistic healing practice in her home. She volunteers with Hospice Niagara and Victim Services Niagara, and she loves spending time outdoors in the beauty of nature.  Merri-Lee feels very blessed to have the love and support of her husband and daughter, who are constantly and continually her inspiration to follow her compassionate heart and her spiritual journey.  Not without mention, is her beloved mother who continues to be the compass that guides her every step. 


Merri-Lee is thrilled to be part of the like-minded and passionate HHA team who aspire to ensure that every dying person can do so with the level of dignity, comfort and care that each of us deserves.    


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