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Laying the Foundation for an Evolving Partnership

Compassionate Caregiving & Death Education Event with Metis Nation of Ontario

January 2024

Written by Kara French, Student Intern


HHA x MNO Recent Collaborative Projects


Compassionate Caregiving Customization:


Towards the end of 2023, we collaborated with the MNO to enhance HHA's existing Compassionate Caregiving training modules. This collaboration aimed to better serve the Métis community by reimagining the modules, incorporating Métis values, traditions, and ways of knowing. A dedicated team from within the MNO community directed this initiative. 


A select group of HHA interns had the privilege of contributing to the customization team for this project, giving them the opportunity to gain insights into interagency collaboration as well as to learn about Métis culture. 


“It was a meaningful experience to witness the Métis Nation of Ontario adapt and enhance elements to better meet the needs of the communities they serve. This has inspired me to consider how the content of the modules can evolve in the future to provide optimal knowledge and support for other communities.” - Daphne, HHA Intern 


“What fascinated me the most was the exchange of diverse perspectives on end-of-life care. Home Hospice Association shared our Compassionate Caregiving Training and perspective, while the Métis Nation of Ontario contributed their unique viewpoint, encompassing culture, religion and spirituality, community organizing, and more.” - Heather, HHA Intern

Debriefing Drop-Ins:


HHA hosted the first Debriefing Drop-In this January in collaboration with the Métis Nation of Ontario. This new program was launched to provide support for the often overlooked frontline caregivers - or "forgotten responders" - within the MNO's various programs. These individuals, who frequently encounter death and dying in their work, now have a monthly safe space to unpack their experiences and debrief with their peers. 


The first session saw the participation of twenty individuals from Métis Nation of Ontario health centers across the province. We are honored to contribute to the realization of this much-needed support and look forward to its continued growth. 


If you are part of a community organization that could benefit from program customization, please let us know! Reach out to us at

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