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Monetary Gifts

Planning donations to Home Hospice Association is a great way to consider how you may be able to establish or grow your interest in supporting the work we are doing.  

Planned Giving


Meeting the sustainability needs of today while planning for the future is the goal of Home Hospice Association’s Planned Giving Campaign.  With our partners in the insurance industry we demonstrate to donors how the assignment (or specific purchase) of a life insurance policy can benefit HHA future.  There are also times throughout the year that partner lawyers are available to write or augment a will for those donors interested in leaving a portion of their estate to Home Hospice Association.  These lawyers provide their services pro-bono for this effort. 


Monthly Giving


This method of gifting to HHA demonstrates how a small donation, on a regular basis, is so significant to HHA’s sustainability.  Whether it is the equivalent of one less coffee purchase per week; $10.00 per month, one less take out meal each week; $40.00 per month or a percentage of your overall budget, monthly giving helps  to plan support  in the communities we serve.  It is as simple as choosing an amount to budget  and scheduling that amount to be receive on the same day each month. 


In Celebration Gifts


Planning for guests to make a donation to HHA in lieu of gifts for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or even to commit, to your Stag & Doe, guests that a portion of money raised will be going to Home Hospice Association is a method of gifting that requires little investment on your part.  Such a selfless act also communicates to your circle of care how much they mean to you!  Let’s face it, we never know if today will be the day that we, or someone we love, is going to receive an earth shattering – life changing diagnosis.  And, while we cannot change a diagnosis we can change the experience.


In Memoriam Donations


“In lieu of flowers” is a simple identifier of in memoriam donations. Offering those donations to Home Hospice Association is a great way to honour how someone lived instead of focusing on how they died.  In that honour, HHA is able to designate In Memoriam Donations specific to a program that spoke to their passions.  The Bello Project, for example, is a great way to celebrate someone’s love of pets.  Home Hospice Association has In Memoriam Cards that speak to the love and compassion of hospice care and can be found at funeral homes and places of worship.