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Moonlit Memory Walk 

Join us on October 28, 2023

Walk in our National Event

Host Your Own Walk

Join our Virtual Event

Ease the Suffering of our Dying and Those who Love them with every dollar you help raise

Image by Hector Falcon

If you believe compassion and dignity at the end of our lives is something we all deserve, regardless of where we live or the size of our bank account, I urge you to become part of our 2021 event. This year, more than ever, Home Hospice Association’s Moonlit Memory Walk needs you…..and you may very well need it after surviving such a difficult year.

Did you know that 20% of charities will close their doors permanently within the year?


Lisa Issacs

Moonlit Memory Walk Committee Chair

Walk with Us

Walk in a Home Hospice Association chapter/community.  Come join us in a neighbourly experience with your local community friends as we share memories of our loved ones or our pets. Your personalized lantern and refreshments are included.

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Image by Hannah Busing
Partner with Us

Your financial and in-kind donations support and reduce the expenses associated with the Walk allowing HHA to put more money into the care of our dying and those who love them… including their pets. Becoming a partner with Home Hospice Association means you are directly helping to provide care when cure is no longer possible.