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(July 6th & 7th, 2019)

Featherstone Estate Winery - Vineland, Ontario

Vineland Estates - Vineland, Ontario

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The Bello Project is once again the Cause of Choice for the 2019 Muddy Paws Wine Festival

Thanks to the generous support of the two organizing wineries (Featherstone and Vineland Estates) as well as Boreal Pet Food, Indigo Pet Photography,  Audi of St. Catharines and the many visitors who went home with a beautiful canvas, Muddy Paws was the biggest event for The Bello Project in 2018.


We are so happy and excited to be attending once again and to be the cause of choice for this annual "sold out" event.


This year we have two interactive activities to choose from!  Back by popular demand is Pawcasso's Studio.  And new for 2019 is Lap Out Loud!

We Can Bring Out Your Dog's Inner "Pawcasso"

Bring your adorable canine friend to visit our ‘Pawcasso’s Studio’ Booth. You will be surprised at the inner Pawcasso we can draw out of your pooch when we demonstrate and supply you and your dog with the tools to get creative! Original art canvases have been started by our friends at Google in Kitchener, you choose your favorite(s) and your dog will complete  the artwork with their paw and using water soluble (child friendly) paint. 


You will take your artwork home, show your friends and does your dog love selfies?  Why not tag your artwork and Muddy Paws on social media! and place the paw on a pre-made canvas to make a print. We also sign the pet’s name to the canvas and put the date.

How Good Does a Nice Cold Drink of Water Sound?

As loud as you can lap!  Here is an opportunity for you to discover your inner lap-i-ness while competing with your dog to win some great prizes.

Once per hour we will welcome participants both two legged and four legged to complete in the Lap Out Loud Competition.  Each team will receive a fresh clean bowl and fresh drinking water.  You and your dog will compete against other contestants to see who is able to lap up their water bowl the quickest!   The competition will take place four times each day.  The winner of each of these heats or "laps" will win a prize and go on to complete in a finale!


A bit about Bello Project

The Bello Project, works with an owner to lessen the worry of what will become of their pet at the time when the owner is faced with a life limiting diagnosis. Trained volunteers and professional services help the Bello Project keep the bond of unconditional love and support together for as long as possible.

Stress and inability to cope with the additional pressure of illness may result in a decision to remove a pet from the home of someone who is terminally ill; against their wishes.  The Bello Project  supports the basic care needs so that they don’t become a barrier for the pet and owner to stay united. 

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