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Volunteer Opportunities at the

2019 Muddy Paws Wine Festival

Want to join the fun?  Send a quick email to with which game and which day! We look forward to raising a glass and shaking the paws of all who attend.

Are you an RVT?  If so, click here to learn about why we need you at Pawcasso's Studio!

Pawcasso’s Studio. 


Objective is to have the dog complete an art project by painting their paw with water soluble (child friendly) paint and place the paw on a pre-made canvas to make a print. We also sign the pet’s name to the canvas and put the date. Sometimes people like to, especially if we invite them to, have their picture taken with their dog and their dog’s art work. This is also a great way for us to capture their contact information. This print may be left at our booth while attendees enjoy more of the festival and will retrieve before they return home for the day.  Owners have a chance to chose from many pieces of art work including wine glasses, hearts, ice cream cones and words like love and home.  A paw print completes the art.  Each piece began as a blank canvas and thanks to many community friends such as Google in Kitchener, they have been turned into original pieces of art work that become a treasured item for our guests at Muddy Paws.  Pawcasso’s Studio will run at Vineland Estates for 2019.

Volunteer Positions: 

Pawcasso’s Studio Artist Assistants:  With the co-assistance of the dog’s owner you will paint the paw of our artist, assist in putting the paw on the chosen canvas and then assist in the cleaning of the paw in the water buckets provided.  This role requires patience, a gentle way to speak to our furry friends and a true love of what our four legged friends can do!


Pawcasso’s Studio Artist Coordinators: Your primary role will be to help our dog people to help with deciding which art work they would be most interested in completing with their pet.  In this role you will explain the process of Pawcasso’s studio, what is included in their donation amount and answer any questions about the Bello Project that may be presented.


Lap Out Loud (LOL) Contest

New for this year is our Lap Out Loud (LOL) Contest which will run at Featherstone Winery. Lap Out Loud (LOL) will be a timed competition to see which dog-owner team can finish their bowls of water the fastest. There is a human water bowl, and a dog water bowl.  The “human” drinks from one bowl with no hands while their dog drinks from the other bowl.  The owner and pet drink as a team from their separate bowls. The judges will look for the “team” who empties their bowls first, determined on time. We will run heats throughout the day and have a Championship at the end of each day.  Those competing in the championship will have the chance to win a great prize package that will include a gift certificate for Indigo Pet Photography.  Karen’s Barrel Sessions are famous throughout the Niagara Region and winning this grand prize will be another great reason to return to the incredible wine “country” we have right in our own backyards.

Volunteer Positions: 

Lap Out Loud Set Up Team: Once per hour we will welcome participants both two legged and four legged to complete in the Lap Out Loud Competition.  As a member of the set up team you will guide the participants to the area where the competition will be, explain the details and watch to see who is able to lap up their water bowl the quickest!   The competition will go at 15 minutes to each hour starting at 12:45 with a final at 4:45!


Lap Out Loud Registration Team: Helping get our contestants all signed up will be your primary goal. Explaining the details of the competition (likely over the laughing reaction of the guests) and answering any questions about the Bello Project that may come your way!

A $10.00 donation to the Bello Project will purchase a pawprint at Pawcasso’s Studio or an opportunity to compete in Lap Out Loud.  The money we raise helps to provide professional services and put special equipment in the homes of pets whose owners are dying.  It costs us on average $50.00 per day to ensure every need is met to prevent the premature separation of owner and pet at a time when both need the love and bond  they share. 

Want to join the fun?  Send a quick email to with which game and which day! We look forward to raising a glass and shaking the paws of all who attend.

A Little Background

Home Hospice Association (HHA) and The Bello Project are so excited to announce that we have been chosen, once again, as the charity of choice for Muddy Paws Wine Festival; July 6 & 7 2019.  This weekend of wine and great food, best shared with our two and four legged best friends, takes place between Featherstone Winery and Vineland Estates Winery. 

Karen Black, of Indigo Pet Photography, introduced The Bello Project and HHA to Treesje of Vineland Estates and Louise of Featherstone Winery and they both immediately fell in love with the work we do in our Chapter Communities.  The Niagara Region borders two of our chapters; Home Hospice Niagara Region and Home Hospice Hamilton Halton.   It has been a wonderful relationship ever since!

In addition to our cause receiving proceeds from ticket sales and from the event sponsorships, The Bello Project raises funds and awareness at the event.   And this is where and how we need your help!

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