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The Journey Journals

We must create a monthly communications piece that is filled with messages / stories of hope. Hope that care is available when cure is no longer possible.  We must remind our stakeholders about the importance of our work and that when asked why?  Why does HHA exist?  HHA exists because caring for the dying is simply the right thing to do. This is the only way to demonstrate that HHA is deserving of a person’s time and or money. 

Put your talents to work and help publish our newsletter...
  • Based on the annual editorial schedule provided by marketing; controls the process of inviting guest authors to contribute to newsletter

  • Follow up on leads for guest authors, invited to contribute to ensure submission dates are met.

  • Provide any suggestions or feedback requested with regard to the Editorial Schedule

  • Maintains a master editorial  plan so that “at a glance”  it can be determined how full the newsletter content is and prepare to deal with months that may be lighter (in content) than others

  • Using the calendar provided, ensure time sensitive material and dates of notes (events, public presentations, workshops, training etc) are featured in the appropriate month

  • Edits articles when necessary

  • Populate Newsletter Template

  • Sends the newsletter to the contacts in the Home Hospice Association

  • Schedules posts to the Home Hospice Association Facebook Page to articles now on the Home Hospice Site

  • Maintain connection with other teams for their contribution

  • Work collaboratively to ensure a Blog Posting is complete every week

  • Support the building of Motivational Monday Content

  • Build Changemaker Project 

2020 Examples of The Journey Journal (Click on Picture to go to Edition)
January 2021.png
February 2020.png
March quote.png
Who or What is a Changemaker You Might Ask?

Manage our Changemaker Process: Mother Teresa said…We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean; but the ocean would be less because that missing drop. Each month Home Hospice Association and it’s chapters recognizes a member of our volunteer team and feature their contribution to our mission and vision.  HHA Changemaker of the Year will be chosen from five of our featured monthly volunteers.  

You can help with our Changemaker process!  This project requires you to grow your organizational skills in order to ensure there is a person nominated each month and that the nomination turns into a Changemaker announcement and story.  You will also want to put your writing skills and potentially interviewing skills to good use.  Finally you will work with the HHA’s Directors and Members to help select our annual Changemaker of the Year.  Winding up the annual project will also include making travel plans and ensuring our Changemaker of the Year attends the Annual General Meeting to receive their award.

Sue pic_edited.jpg

Meet Sue Balaz, HHA's most recent Changemaker of the Year