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October 2022

Did you know about?

This plan was developed to address the needs of staff, management, volunteers, family and residents in long-term care facilities.​​

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  • Providing care and comfort for heartbroken parents

    • how Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doulas can help families suffering the death of a child during pregnancy, birth or infancy​

  • The Death Doula Certification Training week-end as a Facilitator vs a participant

    • reflections of the training experience as a training facilitator and participant ​

  • How to support a caregiver​

    • practical ways to support those caring for others​

  • Grieving someone who is not gone​

    • grieving the loss of someone who is physically there but who is not who they were before​

November 4

  • Death Doula Certificate Program week-end session

  • Infant and Pregnancy Loss Certificate Program week-end session

November 10

  • How to talk with young people about dying, death and grief - workshop

November 15

  • Pet Lovers Death Café

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November 16

  • Parents and Guardians Death Café

November 22

  • LGBTQ2S+ Death Café

Join GivingTuesday, the world’s largest generosity movement and  support the work done by HHA by purchasing gift cards generously donated by community partners and donors.   Our GivingTuesday goal is to raise $10,800 providing 240 hours of care.​ 

Wondering how you can help?  

  • spread the word so we can sell out our gift cards

  • plan to buy a gift card on GivingTuesday

  • have a gift card sitting in your wallet that you do not need ~ donate it!

  • offer a donation that we can use to purchase a gift card!  


 Recent Events

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September 20 - our first Facilitator's Roundtable event 

  • an opportunity for facilitators to share and learn together in order to to provide the best experience possible to every person that entrusts us with their time, money or grief

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 Pawcasso's Studio events

  • August 6   -   Humber Bay Park West, Etobicoke

  • August 13 -   Wienerpawlooza, Confederation Park, Hamilton

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