A loss is a loss..

We (well most of us) work very hard to live a life of

“no judgement”
They say: “in order to walk in someone else’s shoes you first must take off your own”.

We are going to explore how we strive to live by an organizational culture that is defined by the concept that "A loss is a loss is a loss".  Working in our culture of end of life care means we recognize the uniqueness of grief much like our own fingerprint.  No one of us will grieve in the same way.  


October is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness moth and what better time to honour those grieving a loved one they may never have met. Take a moment on October 16 in silence; in memoriam or join one of our vigil events in a Chapter near you.

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my why

"to those who are making a difference"

Something no parent-to-be wants to hear…

”We can’t find a heartbeat”.


The mind goes numb, the body is shocked and the heart is broken. How do you begin to navigate this devastating journey of delivering and saying goodbye when all you have been thinking of is saying hello?


Pre and Perinatal Hospice is a program, unique to Home Hospice Association, that fills a gap in care as it is the only program that supports people through the loss, not just after the loss.

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