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Our Mission


Home Hospice Association engages communities to help people die in a non-institutionalized environment. Dignity, care, and culturally sensitive human connection are the hallmark of what Home Hospice Association brings to the community.


We are Committed to:

  • Demonstrating that living in community makes resources available to anyone, of any age, at any time, under any roof

  • Preventing any Canadian from having to leave their home in order to have the right to die well


We will Provide:

  • Resources to allow Canadians to die well with dignity, peace and comfort

  • A supportive environment to those who wish to make hospice their personal mission


We will lead the Way in:

  • Public awareness to help our nation understand that hospice is a physical, emotional and spiritual decision to live life in the face of death; not a building where you “go to die”

  • Changing the way Canadians define, access and support hospice


Home Hospice Association will have succeeded when:

  • Every man, woman and child is able to access all resources necessary to make any end of life experience they find themselves, one that could only be described as dignified, peaceful and comfortable

  • Free hospice care in Canada is as basic human right as access to clean drinking water

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