Our Vision


Care when cure is no longer possible.

For anyone

Of any age

At any time 

Under any roof

Our Mission


Home Hospice Association engages communities to help people die wherever they call home. Compassion, care, and culturally sensitive human connection are the hallmarks of what Home Hospice Association brings to the community.


Our Core Value is Humanness 

Supporting the value of Humanness are the values of:



  • Options make the World Hospice Organization’s vision that no one with a life-limiting condition should live and die with unnecessary pain and distress due to lack of access to quality care possible.



  • The dissemination of best practices to other emerging communities.



  • Attention to cultural sensitivity; small and under-serviced areas with challenging demographics; respects all definitions of “community”.



  • As a player in the community we work in collaboration with any other players in the community including (and especially) the caregiver. As a matter of fact we ask our partners "where do you need us" and we roll up our sleeves and help make a difference.



  • Acknowledging  that communities deliver end of life care in both institutionalized and non-institutionalized environments, we seek to ensure that compassion, respect and culturally sensitive human connection are the tenets of that care.

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