Parents & Guardians
Death Cafés

Wednesday, November 16 @7pm EST

[Children's Grief Awareness Day]

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Adults who have children and teens in their lives have a unique challenge when talking about dying, death, and grief. HHA Death Cafés for Parents & Guardians are proactive events intended to allow adults to talk about their own experiences with death and grief growing up. Both positive and negative sides are a part of the discussions, and how they can intentionally help the children in their life by talking about death openly and comfortably with them. While this is not a grief support group, we are prepared to talk about many aspects of death that may come up during a discussion with children and teens.


Overall not only do adults explore their own relationship with death, but it also helps a young person understand the only thing in life that’s certain and yet so difficult.

Objectives for attending a Death Café:

  1. That they get in touch with their own feelings/thoughts around dying, death, and grief

  2. That they understand the developmental stage of their child’s age group and how that age group typically interfaces with dying, death, and grief

  3. That they explore communication strategies with the young person


About the Facilitator:

Terri Viola-Wilson

C.A.N.D.Y Café Program Director

Terri is the Program Manager for the C.A.N.D.Y. Café Pilot Project! Terri is dedicated to seeing the program reach as many young people as possible to help them grow in their awareness and understanding of dying, death, and grief.

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