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Just as it takes a village to raise a child, the responsibility of caring for a Canadian who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and those who love them, takes a national portfolio of partners and allies.  Home Hospice Association works tirelessly to grow relationships that will support all of our Partners in Community, and to ensure financial sustainability for HHA and those we serve.


  • National Organizations:  Working in the spirit of collaboration is one of the most important efforts of Home Hospice Association.  It fast tracks the delivery of hospice care into multiple communities and is an effort many granting bodies find worthy of investment.  It is our goal to make contact with every possible partnering organization to begin the journey of delivering hospice care through their channels.


  • Sustainability Partners:  Home Hospice Association assumes full responsibility for its financial sustainability and partial responsibility for our partners in community.This would not be possible if we did not have a commitment to building relationships with Sustainability Partners.


  • Health Care Professionals:  Many professional care givers, in most communities, are delivering various kinds of support along the treatment journey.  They may also be easked to provide end of life care when a patient is unable to leave that environment.  Home Hospice Association works with each care provider to ensure staff and volunteers are able to deliver the Foot Prints Program along the journey and the Home Hospice Program when someone is actively dying.


  • Business & Professional Groups:  You can make a significant impact in HHA’s ability to deliver care, to the residents that make up your customers, clients and suppliers.  You can actively participate by considering an “in-kind” donation, hosting a fundraising event, or arranging a guest speaker to talk about hospice. Perhaps you can work on a project that both fits within your industry or frame of professional reference and helps to build or jumpstart a new service.


  • Municipal Governments:  Home Hospice Association is affecting change, at the grassroots level.  Getting others, especially others with influence, to pay attention to the needs of dying Canadians and those who love them happens through open conversation and strong relationships with all levels of government. When HHA meets with those who can get our voices heard, we do not go to that meeting with a hand out.  We recognize how stretched all governments are financially.  While raising funds is always in the forefront of our collective minds, these relationship building efforts are about giving governments a hand up, in their efforts, to care for their constituency.



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