The Bello Project Pet Care: Volunteer Training Modules

These pet modules were created specifically to assist the Bello Project Volunteer in providing the best pet care to our clients' animal family members. At a time when our client may be feeling very unwell, unable to perform daily tasks, or just needs help to manage time since medical appointments have taken up a large part of their day. A Bello Project Volunteer will assist the owner with the day to day care of their beloved pet, giving peace of mind, and assurance that the animals' needs are being looked after so that the owner can enjoy companionship without feeling burdened.  

Our clients are animal lovers that have been caring for their pets at home as family members. It is important that the relationship of The Bello Project volunteers is one that respects that special bond.

Volunteers will be trained to;

  • recognize healthy animals, stressed animals, and fearful animals

  • use the "pet care log" binder to record any change in eating, drinking, urinating or defecating 

  • use the in home pet care log to record any  changes in behaviour or health

  • who to report changes in pet care to within the home hospice association

  • take initiative in the well being and safety of the pet in the home as environmental changes may occur

  • respect and exhibit compassion and dignity to the relationship to the dying person and their beloved pet 

Complete the pet modules below and then return to the rest of the Comassionate Caregiving Training Modules

Click on the modules below. Then click the slideshow button on the bottom right side of your screen. 

Each species specific module reviews important normal behaviour specific to that species so that a volunteer can start to recognize the abnormal behaviour and then help to relieve and minimize stress in the home for that animal. 

Each module also provides some examples that help volunteers start to take preemptive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the animal is first and foremost in the care of the volunteer. 

Module 5.1
Module 5.3
Module 5.2

After you have completed all of the pet modules, components of the material review in these modules will be applied to some hands-on training with live animals which will be organized by the volunteer coordinator.


Any questions or clarification on the content within the modules can also be reviewed at this time with one of our Bello Project RVT mentors.

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