Pet Lovers
Death Café

Tuesday, November 15 @7pm EST

[Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week]

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An HHA Death Café for Pet Lovers builds on the international social movement of Death Cafes.

Originated in the UK in 2010, the goal of a Death Café is to encourage conversation about the one reality we all share, but a topic few wish to talk about. The Home Hospice Association joined this movement in 2016.  It holds one of the most significant community outreach positions for our chapters as it is a way in which we can move towards our mortality. 


Talking about our experiences and feelings related to the illness and loss of a beloved pet can be a great way to start the conversation about our own dying and death.

Approximately 13,209,754 people in Canada have dogs, and 14,342,018 have cats - that’s plenty of people who are going to experience pet loss one day.  

We wish to bring together (virtually during this time of COVID) the pet lover population so that the topic of pet death,

and its “validity” can be discussed, acknowledged, and normalized through encouraging open discourse and examination. 

Pets are part of our family and deserve

care and compassion when their owner is dying.  

The Bello Project preserves the human animal bond. 

The Bello Project HHA