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According to most police radio call out codes 10-15 means: prisoner in custody.

10/15=.666666 and to infinity. The angel number 1015 means: change is ahead.

10:15 is marked period in time, recognized twice in a day.

10,15 on the calendar would also be the 10th month and the 15th day.

October 15th is annually known as” Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day”. This is an important day, as one in four pregnancies is lost and this day needs to be recognized to bring home this staggering statistical fact.

And this the 10-15 we are honouring today…

What do you know about pregnancy loss? For example did you know 1 in 4 pregnancies each year, in Canada, end in loss. And did you know there are two types of pregnancy loss; miscarriage and a stillbirth?

As a funeral director, I have journeyed these losses with countless individuals and couples. No two are exactly alike. Neither are any less distressing and how far along someone was or when the death occurs does not change the level of grief. No matter the circumstances, the loss of a pregnancy, much less, the loss of an infant, is perfectly tragic. It can tear most loving couples a part. It can result in an array of mental health issues, including depression and isolation and more.

If only, we could better understand pregnancy loss. If only, we could accept that it's more natural than most would care to know. If only, our employers could be

more empathetic to pregnancy loss...not only to the birthing parent, but to the supporting parent, who's is equally a part of this loss and often not even recognized. There usually isn't even a stated allowance for time off, for grief, when a pregnancy is lost in most employee handbooks. If only, we could better support those who experience pregnancy and infant loss. If only...

Pregnancy is a miraculous on any level; when you break down the scientific mechanics of reproduction. It is life within life, and when we experience loss of that life, at any stage, we grieve. Grief is necessary, but it doesn’t have to happen alone. The time is now!

Today is 10-15 and what better time to acknowledge and recognize that pregnancy loss is real; it's painful and it needs proper attention. It needs to be embraced with sensitivity and with love. It needs all of us to come together and support one another. If one in four pregnancies ends in loss, then it's safe to say 100% of people are directly or indirectly affected by a pregnancy or infant loss at one time or another. It may be your spouse, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, friend, neighbour or co-worker. When you really consider it, everyone has a story or experience with pregnancy loss. It's time to talk about it. It's time to acknowledge. It's time to heal.

On this day, October 15th, please take a moment of your day, quiet your mind and direct your thoughts to the babies who have gone before us.

Think of the parents whose lives have been changed forever. If there is a memorial in your community, please consider attending and standing in support and solidarity with those remembering a pregnancy or infant loss. Light a candle. Remember this day by posting on your social media, that you acknowledge and you care. And please continue to create and spread awareness.

Incidentally…the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) call out code 10-15, means:

Message Delivered.

If you would like to support our Pre and Perinatal Hospice work consider making a donation:

If you would like to help in a professional capacity consider attending our Infant & Pregnancy Loss Training

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