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2020 Moonlit Memory Walk Goes Virtual

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

We are hoping you are still considering Joining Us For the Moonlit Memory Walk… Going Virtual for 2020

Every dollar you help us raise delivers the programs you care about like Hospice at Home, Compassionate Caregiving, Pre and Perinatal Hospice, and Bello Project. It will also enable us to continue educating and certifying Death Doulas and Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doulas who are specifically trained to help our dying whether that death is occurring in utero, shortly after birth or at the end of a life of memories and experiences. Help us to help your community, let's do this together!

2020 has been a year like no other. If it were not for COVID we would only think of bubbles when we were ready to take a bath, drink a glass of champagne or when watching children excitedly blowing through little plastic circles. Now it is about our bubbles of “safety” that occupy our minds as we slowly start to live this “new normal”.

While all indications are that we are crushing the curve most charities are looking to the fall and deciding to continue hosting events virtually or with small groups. HHA is no exception. What does that mean to you and your walk? It means that as we draw closer to October 1, 2020 you will receive information and packages that you can use to host your own walk. The package will be designed to connect you with others across our communities as well as with those in your bubble should they wish to participate with you. Through the wonder of technology and under the same full moon, our goal is to address the comfort and safety needs of all our walkers. As we grow closer we will update on new developments.

All the stress and challenges of the last few months means we need you more than ever. We have found ourselves adding new services and conceiving of ways to offer compassionate care. This all adds to our significant funding need. Providing grief and bereavement support to those who have lost someone during this pandemic as well as to those professionals out in all fields of caregiving is a top priority. As well, we find ourselves in the role of finding ways to bring people to the bedside when the challenges of travel and visiting policies are keeping people away from their loved ones.

Celebrating the life of your loved one by participating in the Moonlit Memory Walk means that together, while we can not change the outcome, we can surely change the journey. 84% of us need help and support.

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