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ALERT: HHA Launches Death Doula Practical Application Program

We are excited to announce a new, much-requested program! HHA is launching a Death Doula Practical Application program for those who have previously taken their Death Doula training with another organization.

announcement text reads "Home Hospice Association's Death Doula Practical Application Program"

There are many reasons why someone decides that Home Hospice Association’s death doula training is the one for them. Most consistently, we hear that it is because individuals wish to be part of a community, and they do not want to grow their skills or the movement on their own.

Those who may have chosen a different route for training often reach out to inquire as to whether or not they are able to join our practicum and be part of the life-long learning we provide to HHA death doulas and infant and pregnancy loss doulas (IPLDs) through our monthly learning nights.

The answer now is YES!

HHA is excited to announce a new opportunity for death doulas who trained with another organization to become part of the HHA community through our new Death Doula Practical Application program.

Why choose the HHA Death Doula Practical Application training:

  • Our program goes beyond theoretical knowledge, which can only take your practice "so far."

  • Our program was created by a team of subject matter experts who share a common passion for educating and empowering caregivers and palliative care workers.

  • Our facilitators and guest speakers come from diverse backgrounds and bring experiences in spiritual, death, and bereavement care and are focused on educating death doulas on a holistic approach to the end-of-life journey.

  • Our community of doula candidates and doula graduates offer support, encouragement, guidance, and accountability for each other so that no one needs to practice in isolation.

By joining this program, death doulas with training certificates from other institutions are able to continue their educational journey through HHA without having to compete the weekend training portion of our certificate program. Instead, they can enhance their existing knowledge through practice sessions, role playing nights, guest speaker presentations, and—most importantly—through a practicum that requires death doula candidates to use their networking, communication, and relationship building skills to locate clients in their local communities.

Home Hospice Association sees a future where death doulas are a recognized member of all palliative care teams. We are proud of the pioneering work we have been doing. The Death Doula Practical Application program is a great example of how we continue to be on the leading edge of the death doula movement.

If you have completed your death doula training but feel you would benefit from more hands-on practice and experience, visit our webpage to register:

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