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Pre & Perinatal Hospice

Journeying through birth and loss together

Each year in Canada, 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in loss and 5000 infants are stillborn.

Over 450,000 pregnancies are announced each year and 12,500 of those will not result in a live birth.

Pre and Perinatal Hospice journeys with people who are experiencing the devastating loss of a pregnancy or infant, compassionately supporting before, during and after their loss. 

About Pre and Perinatal Hospice

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The Pre and Perinatal Hospice Program supports anyone who will experience a pregnancy or infant loss whether through spontaneous miscarriage, medically required pregnancy termination or the birth of an infant either born not breathing or who will likely not live past the first 24 hours post-birth.

Pre and Perinatal Hospice is a unique program inspired by the work, knowledge, and dedication of Doulas, Grief Workers and Funeral Directors that truly fills a gap in care, as it supports people through, and not just after, their loss.

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Supportive Friend

Get Involved

  • Make a “Comfort Cozzie” to clothe a baby who has been stillborn, providing dignity and compassion to the family at such a tragic time.


  • Join our Pre and Perinatal Program Team and help build the capacity of this program including volunteer engagement, community outreach, agency partnerships and financial sustainability.

  • Complete your Post Secondary Education as our Program Manager. Ideally suited for someone currently enrolled in a Social Worker, Social Service Worker or Community Worker Program.

Help us raise money for the Pre and Perinatal Hospice program by joining our Moonlit Memory Walk’s Team 10 – 15, and honour loved ones lost before, during, or after a pregnancy. This safe and inclusive event gives participants a chance to come together in their grief while also remembering and honouring their loved ones who have died.


We also celebrate the lives of parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and colleagues who have died, as well as the memory of pets that are no longer with us, and those who donated life-saving organs to others.

  • Host an educational event for your Funeral Home staff by booking HHA Co-Founder and Funeral Director Glen Burkholder along with an Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula in your community for a "When Labour Leads to Loss" Professional Development Workshop. Learn more about this opportunity on our Community Workshops & Presentations Page.


  • Be a Host Walk Partner for our Moonlit Memory Walk and raise money for Pre and Perinatal Hospice Care in your community. As a Walk Host Partner you have an opportunity to bring Team 10-15, walking in support of Pre and Perinatal Hospice, to where you and your community call home. 

How Pre and Perinatal Hospice Helps

If you need support or would like to inquire about Pre and Perinatal Hospice services in your area, please contact us at

Your donation helps provide essential resources and compassionate support before, during, and after experiencing labour that will lead to loss. With your support, we can be a source of strength for individuals and families, helping them find solace and community. Help us provide a lifeline to those in need, ensuring they have the necessary emotional and practical support to navigate this challenging path of healing.


Our Partners

We are incredibly thankful for the meaningful collaboration and generous support of our partners:
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