Pre & Perinatal Hospice

Journeying through birth and loss together

Each year of the over 450,000 pregnancies announced, 122,500 will not result in a live birth











Pre and Perinatal Hospice journeys, from start to finish, with parents experiencing the most devastating loss imaginable.

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It is something that no parent-to-be wants to hear…”we can’t find a heartbeat”. The mind goes numb, the body is shocked and the heart is broken. How do you begin to navigate this devastating journey of delivering and saying goodbye when all you have been thinking of is saying hello?  Pre and Perinatal Hospice is a program, unique to Home Hospice Association, that fills a gap in care as it is the only program that supports people through the loss, not just after the loss.


From the first diagnosis of a non-viable pregnancy, through the support of the birth; guidance with memorializing their precious baby, funeral arrangements and resources for grief counselling; Pre and Perinatal Hospice provides as little or as much support as someone may wish.

Services Offered:

  • Journeying through birth and loss together: In our program, support begins when a parent learns of a terminal diagnosis, learns there is no longer a heartbeat, or that the baby will not live long after birth. Our program supports anyone who will experience an infant or pregnancy loss by compassionately supporting parents through the loss and after the loss. It also addresses the needs of parents experiencing a spontaneous miscarriage, medically required pregnancy termination or the birth a baby either born not breathing or who will likely not live past it’s first 24 hours post birth.

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How You Can Help

  • As a Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula Volunteer:  fully trained with knowledge, tools and resources to assist families at one of the most painful times in their lives 

  • Pre & Perinatal Volunteer

  •  As a member of a Pre & Perinatal Project Planning/Working team: your expertise can help us with a project; we can add skills and valuable content to your resume 

  • Make a Comfort Cozzie: help to make "Comfort Cozzies", which are designed to clothe a baby, who has been stillborn, in a way that can provide dignity and compassion to the family at a very tragic and emotional time