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Of those living in Canada...70% wish to die at home; 84% have no access to hospice / palliative care.

Home Hospice Association empowers communities to support those who choose to die in a non-institutionalized environment. Dignity, compassion, and culturally sensitive human connection are the hallmarks of Home Hospice care.  We mobilize hospice palliative care more cost effectively and expediently than if a community were to try and do so in isolation.

  1. By full utilization of the existing knowledge and skills of community members in collaboration with established best practices results in a cohesive and inclusive standard of care that keeps the needs of the dying person (and those who love them) at the centre of care.

  2. A more cost-effective way of ensuring end of life care, absence of the need for costly bricks and mortar/ institutionalized environment, allows compassion, dignity and culturally sensitive human connection.

  3. A choice (which does not exist today anywhere in Canada) to stay at home and die at home, supported by a team of professional and volunteer caregivers; placed in the home around the clock so that families do not have to be afraid.


Everyone needs help at some point and billing a person in need often makes people feel like they can’t help without feeling guilty. HHA is the SOLUTION to this common dilemma.

Now YOU can provide your services to someone in need and because you charge US you don’t charge THEM.

Our Services

The grief journey lasts a lifetime and begins with the first loss we experience.  When most think of grief they think of what they will endure when their loved one is no longer alive.  Rarely do we even consider the grief journey someone who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness is traveling.  Another day provides support to everyone affected by that life limiting illness from the moment that their world has been turned upside down.

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The Bello Project journeys with the pet along the path of their loved one’s life-limiting illness to maintain the unshakeable bond between pet and pet-owner until death occurs.   Why is this important?  If the pet can see the changes in their owner they will be more accepting of the death.   Keeping this companionship together maintains a source of unconditional love they both need.

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How many hats would you need to wear if you were caring for a friend of family member walking the journey of a life-threatening illness?  Statistics tell us that for every person living with a life-threatening illness, there are at least five other people intimately affected. The oxygen mask theory reminds us that we cannot take care of others unless we find some time to take care of ourselves. Whether it is help in the home, help dealing with an endless schedule of medical appointments or help by always be "up" "positive" "motivated"; caring for others is exhausting! Home Hospice Association is there.  

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It seems to be a never ending series of appointments, treatments and caregivers flowing in and out of one’s home.   The illness takes over; it becomes a way of life; it becomes a new identity. Whether it is the person walking the journey of a life limiting illness or their family, the whole situation is exhausting!  Experiential Day Hospice is a wonderful way to connect with others who may be walking a similar journey.

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HOPP journeys with a family, along the path of their child's life limiting illness to maintain a sense of normalcy as much as is possible by providing “edutainment” experiences as well as all manners of care along the entire illness journey.   Why is this important?  Regardless of the prognosis, a child's curiosity, desire for accomplishment and sense of enjoyment remains. Also ever present is the family's need to share in bonding experiences.

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Hospice at Home provides every community with a solution to the challenge of building an institutionalized infrastructure that is often cost prohibitive to build while addressing a key question on everyone’s mind: Would I / Will I / Do I have adequate support to be able to die at home? Ensuring adequate infrastructure exists, to support a family in their desire to honour their loved ones’ wishes, means building a 24 hour end of life care model for a patient who is in their last 30 to 45 days of life. 

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It is something that no parent-to-be wants to hear…”we can’t find a heartbeat”. The mind goes numb, the body is shocked and the heart is broken. How do you begin to navigate this devastating journey of delivering and saying goodbye when all you have been thinking of is saying hello?  Pre and Perinatal Hospice is a program, unique to Home Hospice Association, that fills a gap in care as it is the only program that supports people through the loss, not just after the loss.

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Become a partner

  1. Expand your client base

  2. Be a part of something meaningful

  3. Be known as a compassionate caregiver in tour community

  4. Help communities in need

  5. Expand your professional network

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