Social Capital


Educating those wishing to “join the conversation” and investing their own time and energy to communicate hospice care is the foundation of the concept of social capital. Old fashioned engagement at the grass roots level, motivates ambassadors and advocates, "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.".   -Mother Teresa


Put Your Interests & Hobbies to Work

Use your creativity to write a play about hospice care.  If you grow vegetables, plant extra for a home care program or to help with food needs at a day program.  Knitting groups may provide casket blankets and burial outfits for babies who have been still born.

In The Work Place

If you are a business owner; invite hospice care groups to hold meetings at your site, or give employees time to volunteer with hospice groups or start a lunch gathering or a discussion group with co-workers.  As an employee, ask your employer to invite hospice care groups to hold meetings at your site, and to give employees time to volunteer with hospice groups.

Friends & Family

Host a movie night; playing a movie that speaks to hospice advocacy or helps people become less afraid of illness and death, host a pot luck meal, block party or holiday open house with information readily available about hospice and consider a free will offering as “admission”.

Help Your Community

Speak at or host a monthly brown bag lunch series at the local library, mentor someone of a different ethnic or religious group on how Canada cares about its dying community, encourage a community theatre to put on plays such as Tuesdays with Morrie or The Shadow Box.

The Soap Box

Meet with representatives from all levels of government to share your feelings about how they are helping our dying community.  Write letters to representatives to all levels of government and the media.  These are all excellent ways to demonstrate that we do care about how we are treating our friends, neighbours and co-workers as they walk the distressing path of terminal illness.

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