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Starting a conversation and keeping it going through Social Media joins the world together in the most amazing way.  Home Hospice Association is committed to keeping conversations going, helping to facilitate conversations in communities and to ensuring that when someone is paying attention to the needs of dying Canadians, and those who love them, there is lots of great information for them to talk about!


Hospice Advocacy Blog:  Sharing important information through our blog.  The articles that are in HHA’s blog are used for the newsletter and are available for others to use in their communication pieces. 


Hospice Advocacy Face Book Group:  Home Hospice Association invites others to share thoughts around death and dying.  It is our goal to provide education and ideas with regard to the awareness and fundraising activities being delivered locally, national and internationally.  We are also proud to offer a forum for local hospices to promote events and education as well as acknowledge the care and contribution of staff, volunteers and community partners.  FaceBook - Hospice Advocay Page


Home Hospice Association Face Book Page: For those who want to stay in the “know” of what is happening within HHA, view full picture galleries and participate in the formal recruiting and acknowledgement of every community member and national partner.  "Like" our page and check regularly for all the news!  Facebook - Home Hospice Association Page



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