Susan Dawson

  • Client & Community Care Coordinator Lead




“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” ~Rumi



When Susan thinks back to her first inkling of what she imagined she would want to be "when she grew up" it was to be a midwife; to care for mothers and help ease babies into this world. As a teen, Susan dreamed of becoming a paramedic; to be there, calm and competent, supporting people through what may be their most frightening, and perhaps even their final moments. Susan knew her purpose was to live her life in Service. She saw herself at both the beginnings and the endings of life and she has been blessed with the privilege of being present with loved ones at both. Watching a baby take its first breath feels just as right and beautiful for Susan as holding a loved one's hand as they exhale their last. This is her Calling. She is a death doula, a birth doula, a trans-personal therapist and a reiki practitioner; a mother of two incredible young women, a lover of life, a dreamer and a traveler, a passionate advocate and a strong, present listener. She chooses joy when she can and has the ability to hold space for pain and grief with confidence and reverence. Susan brings all of this to her Practice. She draws from her personal experiences of death and loss, having walked hand in hand with several loved ones and friends to death’s door. Empathy and compassion are two of her strengths.

Susan’s role as Client Care Coordinator with HHA follows a decade long journey of self exploration and healing that has led her here, the Right Place, in the Right Vocation. It is an honor for her to work with this team of incredible people who share the passion for this work and who are dedicated to the values that are so necessary in changing the face of dying, death and grief in our current culture.


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