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Home Hospice Association assumes responsibility for its financial strength and supports those communities and partnering organizations that are working to provide quality hospice care.  This would not be possible if we did not have a commitment to building relationships with Sustainability Partners.


National Service Providers:  National Service Providers are partners that offer a menu of specific support that spans across the country and is made available within each community HHA is involved with.  A combination of services in kind, gifts in kind, volunteer hours and financial support builds each portfolio.

  • Pet Specific:  The Bello Project requires a very large team of National Service Providers who are able to offset the largest care costs associated with the program.  Food, veterinarian services and basic needs such as walking, yard clean up and litter care are great examples.


Affinity Partners:  The concept of affinity partners is to reward sponsors who financially support Home Hospice Association, provide buying power to those who are part of HHA’s mission and to provide additional funds to finance the programs that we offer.  An Affinity Partner will be a supplier to HHA who is able to offer a discount to the sector of our stakeholders that fall within their target audience.  As part of their pledge / sponsorship, an Affinity Partner will commit to donating a portion of the discount provided back to HHA.  For example if the discount to their target audience is 20%, 10% is donated back  to HHA.  Start Your Journey as an Affinity Partner


Buddy’s Buddies Giving Circle:  With a specific focus on The Bello Project, Buddy’s Buddies are a group of friends who work together to assist in the fundraising activities specific to this program.  The commonality among this group of friends is their love of animals and their belief in unshakeable; unconditional bond between humans and their pets.  The circle of support grows ever wider with more friends joining Buddy’s Buddies and helping HHA keep pets and pet parents together until death has occurred.


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