Thiago Silva        

  • Board Director


When I first heard about HHA, through a board of directors’ member, I couldn’t believe of how noble its purpose was. After researching, talking to people, and discovering more about the projects and activities within the association, I felt proud to be part of it, and that feeling of duty I couldn’t avoid as human being and a community member.  A duty which you are excited about accomplishing it, and happy with yourself for being able to contribute and change someone else’s life, even indirectly. Also, as a person of faith, I truly believe that all I have is a gift, and I must pay back somehow. HHA has a so solid concept, so logic and virtuous for me; helping people in their latest days on earth is like wishing the utmost well for someone as you would wish for yourself.


My 8+ years’ experience in IT, working for a big organization, combined with my current academic learning is on business management, allow me to help HHA’s projects and prospects, strategic planning and operations, since specific technical tasks until supporting executive decision-makings, related to information technology demands and business needs.


Before HHA, I quickly worked at Furniture Bank, helping families, especially refugees and victims of disaster, to set up a new home with the whole set of donated furniture. For quite a month, I helped organizing the warehouse, taking orders, and managing the merchandise.


I believe that time and energy spent doing something with meaning is an investment for your own long-term mental health, social duty, and commitment with something bigger. In my case, as Christian, with God.


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