Third Party Events

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Third party fundraising is an area that can provide significant revenue for Home Hospice Association.   Beyond the dollars they generate, these events propel awareness within targeted audiences. 


We focus on two groups to facilitate Third Party Fundraising; Partners in Community and Sustainability Partners. Each are encouraged to host events in their work place as part of their overall commitment to the long term success of Home Hospice Association and to each Home Hospice Association Community. It is in the best interest of all involved to create as strong of an awareness campaign for third party events as time and manpower will permit.  Home Hospice Association’s Marketing team is committed to supporting each Third Party Event with


  • Promotion via Social Media including Event Specific memes

  • Profile in our Monthly Newsletter:  In The K-Now

  • Profile and Links on the HHA website

  • Public Relations Assistance (media and press releases)

  • On-Site Ambassadorship


Have an idea for a great Third Party Event for Home Hospice Association?  Contact Tracey at to discuss the idea and next steps.  Have a desire to host a Third Party Event for Home Hospice Association but Need an Idea?

Up and Coming Events

Gallery of Past Events

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2016 Bubbles for Bello

2017 Indigo Photo Sessions

2017 Bracelet Sales for Our Babies, Our Grief

2018 Muddy Paws Wine Festival