The Threshold Choir, London Ontario chapter was formed in 2018.  We sing in three part harmony, a cappella in a hushed lullaby voice to those who are in palliative care.  A majority of the songs come from the Threshold Choir repertoire and are songs of support, gratitude, nurture, grace, love and peace. 

The Threshold Choir originated in Souther California and made it’s way up the coast into B.C. and started traveling east.  There are approximately 200 choirs world wide.  Mainly in the states; growing in Canada, the U.K., Australia and Cambodia. 

Currently, we are at Saint Joseph’s Hospice as part of their Spiritual Care department and we have also been asked to sing for Celebrations of Life and for funerals which we will incorporate in the near future.

The choir considers this an offering, not a performance.  The receiver truly appreciates the intimacy of the offering and it helps them find moments of peace during their active dying process.    We notice the lines on their forehead and in between their eyes start to soften, the breathing seems to calm,  there is occasional toe tapping and in general there are signs of calm and appreciation.

It is an honour to provide this service and it is just as rewarding to the people offering as it is to those who receive.

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