Tracey Robertson          


  • Founding Member /  Chief Executive Officer

  • Board Standing Committees:  Leadership; Risk Management; Stewardship

  • Program Steering Committees:  Bello Project; Compassionate Caregiving; In Home Hospice; Infant & Pregnancy Loss


“You Must be an Active Participant in your Own Rescue” Pat Riley

-- A burning desire and a need to answer to very important questions:  If 69% of Canadians want to die in the place they call home…why can’t they?  If 84% of Canadians have no access to quality hospice care…what am I going to do about it. After 12 years working to raise funds and awareness for hospice care, which included a 2 year project to establish a community hospice association in the Niagara Region, Tracey learned a valuable lesson when it came to the building of residential hospices…most communities could not afford to do so.  An opportunity to speak at the Association of Wish Granting Organizations and a recruiting phone call from a multi-billion dollar Hospice Corporation in the US started Tracey thinking about the challenges of starting a new agency in a community.  Hmmm she thought, if there can be national hospice operation models in the States, why can’t there be in Canada and why can’t they be not-for-profit? Most would describe Tracey as someone who wears her heart and passion on her sleeve.  It is the single biggest reason why hospice has become such a burning passion for her.  There is nothing more that Tracey enjoys doing than sharing the need for each of us to care for each other.  Tracey was the proud “non-fur” mommy to Bello who was the inspiration for the Bello Project.  Tracey loves to travel and is never afraid to take the leaps of faith that make life worth living.  Today Tracey works full time as Home Hospice Associations Board President and its (volunteer) first CEO.  In this capacity, Tracey is our key ambassador and passionately delivers the vision and mission of HHA to groups large and small.  


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