Tracey Robertson ~ Co-Founder; CEO; Bello's "Mom"

Humber Second Last Presentation
Humber Second Last Presentation




“You Must be an Active Participant in your Own Rescue”

Pat Riley

 After 12 years working to raise funds and awareness for hospice care, which included a 2 year project to establish a community hospice association in the Niagara Region, Tracey learned a valuable lesson when it came to the building of residential hospices…most communities could not afford to do so. 


An opportunity to speak at the Association of Wish Granting Organizations and a recruiting phone call from a multi-billion dollar Hospice Corporation in the US started Tracey thinking about the challenges of starting a new agency in a community. 

Hmmm she thought, if there can be national hospice operation models in the States, why can’t there be in Canada and why can’t they be not-for-profit?


Most would describe Tracey as someone who wears her heart and passion on her sleeve.  It is the single biggest reason why hospice has become such a burning passion for her.  There is nothing more that Tracey enjoys doing than sharing the need for each of us to care for each other. 


Tracey is our key ambassador and passionately delivers the vision and mission of HHA to groups large and small.  


In Conversation...

What is your background? ~ I started working as a hospice volunteer at Dr. Bob Kemp in Hamilton as their event coordinator.  My first event that I created was called Heavenly Soles (a shoe only fashion show) that grew into “Tinsel Tuxedos and Tapas” with over 600 guests annually.  I grew to love everything about hospice and the need to literally make a good death possible in any household has become what most of my family would say is an obsession.


What are the values that drive you? ~ Trust and the need to live as a trustworthy person. 

Who is someone you admire, and why? ~ My grandfather.  He was the most non-judgmental; un-conditionally loving person I have ever met in  my life.  Most of us say it; he lived it.   Tracey talks more about her grandfather in this Message


Favorite book  ~ Conversations with God (all volumes)

Favorite music artist ~ Carol King

Favorite movie ~ Meet Me in St. Louis


Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about? ~ Thanks to my great  grandmother – grandmother and mother I am the forth generation who knows how to “pinch a perogie” and in keeping with eating them my other talent would be demonstrating that sour cream tastes good on everything!

Finish this sentence. On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me… Working on my project planning which requires four different note books, at least 6 highlighters and about three pens.

How do you want people to remember you?  ~ She may not have been perfect but her heart was always in the right place.


Where do you yourself in the next 10 years? ~ Handing over the legacy of HHA that we have built to a younger generation of passionate people ready to take this organization even further than we have.

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