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”The key to moving the volunteer agenda forward is through the meaningful engagement of baby boomers and seniors in non-profits within communities across Canada using innovative strategies that promote well being while assisting with life transition by promoting individual development and learning as well as through community based programs that engage and stimulate seniors.”

~ Volunteer Canada

Baby boomers bring a unique perspective to HHA. When asked, 93% of senior/baby boomers say they wish to volunteer to make a contribution to their community.

Volunteer Boomers Plus

HHA Volunteer Boomers Plus are people who:

  • Know the value of adding something more to their lives while adding value to the lives of others.

  • See, through life experience, the need to expand the amount of compassionate care available in our communities and what is required as our population continues to age.

  • Represent the diversity necessary to ensure that culturally sensitive human connection is indeed the hallmark of our care.

  • Desire experiences that add a new kind of value to their life

  • Commit to their community in order to be active and engaged. 

Volunteer Boomers Plus Picture.jpg
Lasting Friendship
Senior Couple

In Your Own Time and On Your Own Terms, Here is How You Can Help

Love Pets?  Become a Member of Team GrandPaws:  A community of active seniors who are passionate about the role pets play in today’s family dynamic and are looking for ways to engage in their “civic duty” from a compassionate consciousness. The uniqueness of the Bello Project, which Team GrandPaws’ members support, offers the best chance to attract attention among members of the animal welfare community, palliative care community and senior’s advocacy community. For more information on The Bello Project please click here.

Retired Educator?  Become a Member of C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe:  Put your years of teaching experience to great use and help young people feel more comfortable talking about dying, death, and grief. CANDY stands for Creating Awareness and Normalizing Death For Youth.  This event provides an opporutnity for young people to come together in a social vs a counseling environment to talk about their thoughts on dying and death and ask questions they might not feel comfortable talking about with the aduts in their life.  For more information on the volunteer opportunities with C.A.N.D.Y. Cafe please click here.

Become a HHA Compassionate Caregiver:  Baby boomers bring a unique perspective to HHA as many have performed non-traditional care giving roles (parent, coach, teacher) and have likely had a loved one walk the journey with a life-limiting illness. Becoming a Compassionate Caregiver provides you with the opportunity to put those skills to a new use while making a significant difference in the life and death of others.  There are many boomers who found themselves companioning fellow members of the LBGTQ2S Community during the AIDS epidemic.  Those skills are needed as much now as they were then.  Let us help you put them to great use again.

Play a Leadership Role as a Member of the Volunteer Boomers Plus Advisory Team:  As unique as a baby boomer volunteer is to Home Hospice Association we believe that the way in which they are engaged, educated and appreciated must be uniquely respectful of the many journeys they have traveled.  Becoming part of our Advisory Team means you can lead us in the best direction.  We meet to build a senior-specific volunteer program that mobilizes compassionate caregiving volunteers in communities across Canada. \  We are committed to creating an environment that empowers a senior volunteer to contribute to the home hospice care needs of their community, thus providing a unique opportunity to connect with all ages and share their wisdom and life experience. 

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