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Our organization has a number of projects that can be worked on, collaborated on, completed at home.  These projects offer a unique opportunity to grow skills, add to professional portfolios and learn new talents along the way. You can help us with a project; we can add valuable content to your resume.  It is never too late to show a prospective employer how committed you are to your career and your community than to volunteer for Home Hospice Association.

Why Do This


There will be a day sooner than later when this uncertain time is behind us. We will go back to our day to day lives likely facing a new normal.  This new normal could be such a positive view especially for those who take this time to grow, improve, contribute.


We all to have stay “in place” and here is a chance to “bloom where we are planted” by helping HHA. 


In Canada, volunteering may be the way you are noticed among the job seeking competition.  Employers will see your time and effort as a most important investment in yourself and others. 

Your Commitment:  What we ask of you is to sign onto a project and work diligently towards it’s completion.  This will include accepting the job description for a part of the project, work to grow and complete the project plan milestones and actions.  Work independently as well as collaborate on conference calls.  And finally, should the project not be complete by the time you need to return to your work or school life, help with the succession plan needed to replace your contribution.


Our Commitment:  You provide an important “value add” to HHA in taking on this position.  HHA takes this position very seriously and our “value add to you” is a specific job addition to your resume, the commitment to be one of your references on your resume and a letter of reference / recommendation at the end of this work term or upon the completion of the project.

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Every iniatitive is a project and every project needs a leader.
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