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Ways To Give

Monthly Giving:  This method of gifting demonstrates how a small amount of donation applied on a regular basis is so significant to our sustainability.  Whether it is the equivalent of one less coffee purchase per week; $10.00 per month, one less take out meal each week; $40.00 per month or a percentage of your overall budget your donation, in this manner, helps significantly to plan for where and how we are able to build hospice care in the communities we service.  It is as simple as choosing an amount to budget as a consistent donation to HHA and schedule that amount scheduled for us to receive it on the same day of the month. 


Celebrations:  Planning for guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts for a birthday, anniversary, wedding gift or even to commit to your Stag & Doe guests that a portion of money raised will be going to Home Hospice Association is a method of gifting that requires little investment on your part.  Such a selfless act also communicates to your circle of care how much they mean to you!  Let’s face it, we never know if today will be the day that we or someone we love is going to receive an earth shattering – life changing diagnosis and will be wishing for Home Hospice Association in their community.  While we cannot change a diagnosis, we can change the journey. 


Host an Event:  The goal is to encourage opportunities to socialize with a purpose. Home Hospice Association develops tool kits for those who are interested in extending the conversation in social environments.  This tool kit combines frequently asked questions (and answers), conversation starters and a guide as to how to summarize a personal story of hospice to give any host complete confidence in their ability to host a Conversation at Home.  A fun twist to hosting a Conversations at Home event with a group of couple friends is our version of the Newlywed Game that test the knowledge each participant has about how their mate may approach their death and what their final wishes may be.


Contact Tracey at to discuss your plans.