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For Anyone ~ of Any Age ~ At Any Time ~ Under Any Roof


For Anyone: 


So much of hospice care is focused on Cancer.  This results in the common misconception that hospice care is only for those who are diagnosed with Cancer. Home Hospice Association meets the misconception head-on by promoting a “for anyone” philosophy of care. Home Hospice Association Communities support any person diagnosed with a “life-limiting illness”: Congestive Heart Failure, COPD and neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and ALS, etc. Hospice is not just for the person who has received a diagnosis, it is also for those who love them. As a matter of fact, one terminal diagnosis intimately affects 5 additional Canadians, who are feeling scared and helpless after hearing the news of a loved one’s diagnosis; exhausted from being the primary caregiver with no support or respite; trying to emotionally prepare for an imminent death absent of coping strategies; putting their own grief aside to help their loved one achieve a peaceful death; experiencing a loss and having trouble getting back to a “living existence”.

Of Any Age: 


In addition to the diseases children “share” with adults, children die from far more “rare” diseases. Only 5 hospices exist in Canada that can help a child through their dying experience. In fact most children die in the hospital because their parents are not able to handle the stress of administering pain medication at a rate that keeps their child comfortable. Home Hospice Association is solving this problem by making sure that all programs including In Home Hospice respect the need for a peaceful, comfortable and dignified dying experience regardless of age; including in a situation when a baby will be stillborn. Birth and death happen in the same moment when a mother delivers a baby who is born still.  Home Hospice Association allows the family to safely bring the baby into the world and do what is necessary for them to solidify a relationship that will live on only in their memories.  

Happy Children
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At Any Time: 


Hospice care is not care that is delivered because there is nothing more that can be done. Statistics reflect that someone may live 30% longer if offered hospice care at the point of diagnosis vs in their last year of life. A Home Hospice Association Community will be able to support from the point of diagnosis including, along a treatment journey (for those times when treatment, care and endless medical interactions are becoming physically and emotionally draining, emotions are low and a “vacation from illness” is needed) and when help is needed to return to wellness because treatment has been successful. When curative options have been exhausted and the Doctor suggests it is time to put affairs in order Home Hospice Care can step back in to help families decide spend time engaging in quality moments, to ensure no one is alone through the dying experience and to support those who are faced with getting back to a living experience.

Under Any Roof: 


Home Hospice Association believes where someone lives nor the size of their bank account should dictate what hospice care may be available to them. No one should have to leave their home to find compassionate, non-judgemental and dignified hospice care.  Regardless of what or where they define as home. Home Hospice Associations across Canada will mean an environment and a philosophy of hospice care will be available in any community. Because Home Hospice Association defines community, not just as geography, but also as a spiritual, social or cultural environment ultimately every Canadian, regardless of where or what they call home, will receive the care they need and deserve.