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Home Hospice Association is a team of people of vision.  We are committed to the process of meaningful communication to resolve issues with respectful consensus.  We are confident in our value, to the association, and do not lose heart or interest if all of our ideas are not adopted.  Most importantly we never forget the people we serve, and fully understand that the needs of dying Canadians, and those who love them, will always be the only priority that matters. 


CEO & Board Executive:  This team, responsible for the ultimate success of HHA, is accountable to the Board & Association Membership. As lead ambassadors, we are committed to representing the organization with the highest level of integrity, setting an example for all members of the team.  Collectively it is our responsibility to oversee the purpose, plans and missions of HHA, monitor financial planning and ensure compliance to rules and regulations. 


Board Members:  Home Hospice Association’s Board of Directors is a broad range of community members who establish an experienced business board operating under the Policy Board Governance Model. Unlike a for profit corporation, a board seat is not a paid position. Members of the board donate significant time as partners to the CEO and ambassadors in the community.   The are also also Voting Association Members, after paying their Association Membership Fee, and participate in committee work.



  • Board Developement:  This team works to cultivate new members, put forth recommendations for elections (meeting the fiduciary requirements of the Annual General Meeting), manages succession planning and works to provide ongoing personal and professional development.


  • Board Governance:  Accountability is the best word to describe the mandate of HHA’s Board Governance Committee.  The role of public service is one we do not take lightly and HHA depends upon this committee to ensure that our work and care of dying Canadians, and those who love them, is never at risk because of a rule not being followed or a sudden change in financial health surprises us.  Through an extensive budgeting process we monitor the key indicators that determine HHA’s long term sustainability.

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