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Start a Chapter

Bring compassionate end-of-life care to where you call home

Home Hospice Association (HHA) serves those facing death and those who love them by developing Chapters in communities across the country. The goal of our Community Chapters is to deliver on HHA’s mission, vision and values at the local level. 

How it Works

Our Chapter model begins with community leadership - people who are passionate about bringing community members together to ensure that anyone facing death receives compassionate, inclusive and culturally sensitive care. These community leaders are our “Chapter Champions”.  Chapter Champions and other committed community members bring their knowledge, connections and dedication to the Chapter leadership team. 


A key role of the Chapter leadership is to foster relationships with existing agencies looking to increase care of their community members who may be reaching end of life.  Through the Chapter leadership’s outreach, HHA develops partnerships with other dedicated and proven agencies in a community (geographic, social, cultural or spiritual), providing them with Compassionate Caregiving volunteer training, developed intellectual property and programs, and “sweat equity”, ensuring Chapter and partnership success.  

Learn about our existing Community Chapters here!

Starting a Chapter

Do you feel passionate about strengthening your community by increasing access to compassionate, expedient and cost-effective end-of-life care for those facing death and those who love them?   


Do you have other community contacts interested in working together to help solve the problem that approximately 84% of people across Canada don’t have access to quality end-of-life care? 


If you answered "yes", we hope you'll join us and become an HHA Chapter Champion to help address this critical need in your community!

Your Role as a Chapter Champion

The Chapter Champion plays an active and important role in connecting members of their community with the resources and supports that HHA can provide. As a key member of HHA's Chapter leadership, your professionalism, sensitivity, and conduct should reflect HHA’s core values of dignity, compassion, and culturally sensitive human connection.  You will have the opportunity to develop working relationships and networks with other local community professionals and collaborate with HHA's team of dedicated and caring leaders and team members. 



Examples of the Chapter Champion's high-level tasks include:

  • Helping identify gaps in care in your community that HHA programs can help to address 

  • Assisting with community outreach initiatives, including building a community contacts/resources database, facilitating community presentations, and organizing Chapter events

  • Joining the HHA National Board or helping to find a Chapter leadership team member who will represent the Chapter on the National Board

  • Welcoming and engaging Chapter team members 

  • Providing feedback, reports and recommendations to HHA team leads or Board of Directors to assist with development of policy and program strategic planning 



Time commitment: 


Our Chapter Champions normally volunteer an estimated 5-10 hours per month in order to effectively fulfill their responsibilities. Additional time may be required to attend virtual and in-person meetings and events.

Our Current Chapter Champions:

Next Steps

Are you ready to help bring accessible compassionate end-of-life care to more people in your community? Here are your next steps: 


1) Complete and submit the “Start a Chapter” questionnaire below.


2) You will then be contacted by a member of our Leadership team to begin your on-boarding process for the Chapter Champion position.  The on-boarding process involves: 

  • Completing our standard volunteer online training 

  • Completing and submitting a Board nomination brief to indicate your interest in joining our leadership team, which is reviewed and approved by our National Board members 

  • Attending two orientation meetings, and auditing a meeting of HHA’s National Board 

  • Reviewing training and education resources to learn about HHA governance, operations and programs 


We look forward to working with you to draw the circle of compassionate end-of-life care in your community wider!

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