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Community Partnerships

Working with the best charities in your community to draw the circle of end-of-life care wider

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community of caregivers and service providers to care for those who are facing death, as well as the people who love them. This is why Home Hospice Association works in collaboration with community partners and allies to support as many people as possible by delivering hospice care through their channels. 

By growing our relationships with partnering agencies, we’re able to mobilize the delivery of end-of-life care into multiple communities more efficiently than by only offering direct support services.

Reasons to partner

Of course, the main benefit of working with us is that together we can make quality compassionate end-of-life care more accessible to the people in your community - and in communities across Canada.

More specifically-speaking, here’s why you should partner with us:  

  • Once your community has identified a gap in end-of-life care, partnering with HHA will allow your organization to launch a program that fills this gap more cost-effectively and expediently than if you were to build your own programs and resources from scratch. 


  • For organizations that are not palliative care- or hospice-centred, but recognize that a significant percentage of their population is reaching end-of-life, partnering with HHA enables them to access expert programming and training in this area and to develop the necessary skills to offer much-needed services. 


  • Partnering with HHA offers new opportunities for your volunteer base, which is a great way to keep long term volunteers engaged or to re-engage internal stakeholders whose commitment has waned. 


  • From the client’s perspective, you are already a known and trusted part of their lives and/or community. Receiving end-of-life care and support from an organization that already knows their story is far more beneficial for a client than developing a “referral relationship”, which inevitably feels less personal and barrier-ridden.


  • If you are a Canadian Registered Charity or a government organization, there is no cost to you when you partner with us.

Ways to partner

  • We can offer your organization or agency access to online training that will start to prepare your staff and volunteers to address immediate needs – this is a very quick and easy partnership that has a significant impact on the experience of someone who is dying in your community and their loved ones.


  • We can customize education for your organization’s needs (both building bespoke training components, such as for our Compassionate Caregiving Training, and delivering tailored training events, such as the Compassionate Caregiving and Death Awareness Conference we gave to Metis Nation of Ontario in March 2023).


  • We can help you implement one or more of our programs as a new organizational offering, providing you with the necessary support, tools and resources you’ll need to successfully run the program(s) on your own.


  • We can provide frontline support from HHA-trained Compassionate Caregivers, Death Doulas and Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doulas in your community.


  • We can work together to establish your agency’s end-of-life programming. We’re happy to work both with new hospice organizations or already established entities that have just recognized the need for these services.

Become an HHA Host Partner

To bring in-person events and programs such as Our Babies, Our Grief, Death Cafes, C.A.N.D.Y Cafes and Training Events back to our communities in the wake of Covid-19 shutdowns, we require Host Partners. To learn more about how we can work together, please get in touch!

Frequently Requested Program and Service Partnerships





Learn more about all of our core programs and specialized programs, and get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together to bring any of these to your community!

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