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At HHA we're constantly working on a multitude of initiatives, each aimed at making a difference in the way we talk about death both personally and in society at large, as well as in how we care for the dying, their caregivers, and their loved ones.


We invite you to explore our projects - both ongoing and completed - below, and the profound impact they have had on the individuals, families, and communities we serve.

More project reviews coming soon!


At the end of March 2024, our HHA Eastern Ontario Chapter met up in Ottawa for an in-person Hangout, providing an incredible opportunity for our Doulas and Candidates to come together, exchange stories, and share invaluable knowledge and experiences. In a fireside chat video, included in this Project Review, Eastern Ontario Leaders Pam and Mar recap the Hangout’s highlights. 


In February 2024, HHA Death Doula Mar Morrow collaborated closely with HHA’s interns and marketing team to promote a new workshop on Advance Care Planning for parents of children with disabilities. Together, they organized a successful workshop preview providing agencies with the opportunity to experience the session firsthand and see its value in action. 


We’re currently working to establish the Eric Elliott Memorial Scholarship Fund, a collaboration between HHA and the Elliott family to honour the memory of their son-grandson-brother Eric, who drowned on August 28, 2022. A recent meeting with Eric’s parents Ryan and Amanda highlighted the critical need for emotional, practical, and spiritual support for families dealing with such profound loss, underscoring the importance of HHA’s Infant & Pregnancy Loss Support training program and the Scholarship Fund.


Read about why student intern, Kara French, connected with HHA's Diana Pathway right from the beginning of her placement. This insightful story of her family's experience with MAiD demonstrates why HHA's education and support of MAiD is integral to our belief in compassion and self-determination at the end of life.


Read about why student intern, Daphne McElroy, participated in the Moonlit Memory Walk during her first couple months at HHA, and why she encourages everyone to join us for our next fundraising walk in October!


Since March 2023, HHA has been collaborating with the Metis Nation of Ontario to improve end-of-life support in their communities, reflecting our shared dedication to dignity, compassion, and culturally sensitive human connection at the end of life. Towards the end of 2023, HHA and the MNO worked together to customize our Compassionate Caregiving modules and to launch the first ever Debriefing Drop-Ins.


In December 2023, after a temporary hiatus, we re-launched our drop-in support groups for those who've experienced pre- or peri-natal loss. As a new project feature, we're also providing learning opportunities for our Infant & Pregnancy Loss Doula (IPLD) Candidates, who have the possibility of co-facilitating the drop-in sessions alongside experienced IPLDs.


In September & October 2023, we teamed up with the Hamilton Public Library for a fall workshop series on how to talk to kids about dying, death & grief. Participants ranged from parents and caregivers to professionals who work with young people, all of whom were interested in bridging the communication gap between generations when talking about death.

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